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We are passionate about providing the best advice and customer experience, day in, day out, here is some of the feedback received from just a few of our customers as a testament to this.

Here's what they said:



The excellent service was much appreciated and unexpected. When I picked  up my new Honda Generator,  I was very please that it had been set up, run and load tested all of which was accompanied with some sound advice on usage and maintenance.  Cheers very much to the team.

 Gareth Sheppard - Eco Laser Solutions (July 2021)


I would like thank you and Tina Lewis for the outstanding service you provide, Tina really went out of her way to make sure I had my generator by tracking my parcel, coming back to me until I had it in my hands, you don’t get that top quality service anymore, this is not the first time I have had top quality service from your company , it’s a pleasure doing business with your company, and will continue to do business with you in the future.

Colin Riley - Auckland (June 2021)


Just wanted to say a big thank you to Frank in the workshop. A very knowledgeable man. Thanks mate for taking the time to help me sort out my welder. Good service like this is so hard to find these days. I'll be buying all my work tools through you guys from now on. Cheers man.

Miguel Fernandez - Invercargill

I wanted to let you know how refreshing it was for me to be dealing with you and your staff as I went through the process of purchasing a new machine for my workshop. So often I find companies in the business of selling technical products that have very little knowledge and even less backup when things go wrong. That was not the case with Proline.  You were able to answer all of my questions and you made a number of suggestions based on your considerable experience, all of these were adopted. Turns out I did have a small issue with my setup and it was with no hesitation that you arranged for your workshop to call on me. They were able to identify the issue quickly and resolve it. I always felt that your first priority was toward customer service and any resulting sale was secondary. Your company was recommended to me and I will certainly recommend you in the future. Once again thank you for your help and keep up the great work.

Bob Taylor - Auckland

Just wanted to say very happy with my purchase - advice received was bang on from you guys and extremely happy with the package I ordered along with the service.

James Owen - Auckland

Yesterday I rang through to your company and has the pleasure of speaking to Matt Brewerton, I explained everything that I required to Matt and he was extremely helpful and explained what I should do to fix the issue I was having, this is very uncommon these days to talk to someone that knows the product, he got the parts away and they have turned up this morning and the welder is now operational. Just thought I should let you know what a pleasure it was dealing with Matt and your company.

Wayne Zaloum - Napier Collision Repair Centre

Thanks very much, Greg for your expert and helpful responses. The torch just arrived, one day from my first discovering your website. Looks great, and the tips are (as promised) exactly the right size range for the sheet metal flame-shrinking op we need to perform urgently to correct a distortion horror-show. We’d received incorrect advice on the interoperability of small with large gas welding torches and tips, so it seemed we would need to duplicate our bottles and our hoses (and possibly even our regulators) to cover our extended range of work. Our advice also hinted (misleadingly) that we might get away with turning up a tip adapter, from small tips to a big torch. So it was doubly valuable to find you willing and able to reel off (and explain in simple terms) all the info we needed, as well as the kit to make it work. The resulting solution is both cost-effective and user friendly. And the flame shrinking is going fantastically well.

Thelning Design Innovation - Christchurch

I am just letting you know how pleased I am with both the service and the delivery. Outstanding. Delivery was less than twenty-four hours from ordering to delivered to our door, also the man that took my order on the phone was friendly, polite and very helpful. A pleasure to do business with.

Thanks for the quick delivery of my welding helmet. It works great and I will be recommending our company to others for good service.

Aaron Winter -  Purchased Speedglas 9100XXi Welding Helmet

The best company I have dealt with in the 6 countries I have lived in, principally, Aust/UK/USA/NZ.
1) Considered & correct advice, on large and on small purchases.
2) Easy to talk to, and give clear and easy to understand answers, no matter what your level of expertise.
3) Solved all problems no matter how difficult, with patience and good humour.
4) Long experience as a professional welder, so NOT a salesman, but someone that knows what he's talking about from real experience, but seems to effortlessly adjust to your own level of knowledge.
I am pleased to write this, as it is my way of thanking Proline for the time and trouble they went to on my behalf, that was far beyond what you would expect any company to do.

Michael Shaw

I have had some dealings with these guys in the past and today I called in to talk about a MIG welder. They fitted me up with a great second-hand machine at a very reasonable cost. The thing that I think is priceless is customer service - I was not spending a lot of money but that did not stop them from providing full and detailed help - guidance and professionalism. This type of company and service are sadly now few and far between. In a nutshell - Use them, you will not be disappointed.


I just want to commend you on the fantastic service. It is a pleasure dealing with you.

Margherite Van der Walt (Gerard Roofs - AHI Roofing Ltd

I  phoned Proline Welding Supplies as a first time customer to discuss my welder and welding requirements and the budget I had to work with. I found the staff at Proline Welding Supplies to be very professional, knowledgeable and helpful. Best of all they found exactly what I was looking for at a very acceptable price. When I received my welder, it was fully set up and ready to go. Excellent service, excellent attitude. One word sums it up. AWESOME.
Thanks again.

Norbert (Purchased a Pulse Mig)

I really appreciate how easy Proline are to deal with - outstanding customer service. I called today and asked for advice on a shielding gas fitting, Matt took great care of me, looked at the photo I sent and worked out a good solution. Ordered the parts over the phone, really easy and a pleasure to do business with.

David Mark - Christchurch

I would like to personally thank, you and the team at Proline, for all your support and help this week with parts, repairs and service. It is very much appreciated and it has helped us immensely in keeping our firm operating.

Engineering Firm - Brightwater, Nelson

Thank you for your recommendation of the Tech Feed 350 suitcase wire feeder. Our main line of work is mobile welding of heavy machinery for quarries and earth moving equipment. Having the ability to hook a wire feed unit up to a welder generator can save a lot of time in the field. The first job I used the Tech Feed for, was welding over 600kg of wear parts onto a rock bucket at a quarry. It did take me 15-20 minutes to dial in my settings. Getting used to welding with constant current as opposed to constant voltage was different, but once there, it was fine. I used 1.2 and 1.6mm flux core without a single wire feed problem. The simple rugged design is brilliant. Despite all the quarry dust and water that gets sprayed around, the inside of the unit has remained clean. To be honest, I wasn’t too sure about trying something away from the mainstream. But the more I use it the more I love it. It is so easy to use and it does exactly what it is supposed to. Thanks again for the good advice. We look forward to doing business with you again in the future.

Charlie Barrett - 7018 Engineering Ltd
(Purchased TechFeed 350 Suitcase Wire Feeder -  December 2015)

I've been in touch with you before when I brought some other items. And. the same as before, my hearty thanks to "Proline": your quality is superb and delivery is mysteriously fast, - the parcel has arrived today, on Tuesday, although I only placed the order on Sunday.

Albert Von Eichenholz  - Mobile Welding