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    Servicing & Repairs

    In addition to selling a large range of new and used equipment, Proline is able to service and repair all makes and models of welding and cutting machines, generators, pressure washers, industrial vacuum cleaners, compressors and much more.

    Regardless of where you purchased your machine from or wherever you are located, we are willing to assist in getting it back operational quickly and efficiently.

    Our workshop service centres are located at :

    North Island Service Centre        26B Ash Road, Wiri, Auckland, 2104

    South Island Service Centre         66 Beatty Street, Annesbrook, NELSON.

    Contact us at workshop@prolinewelding for any workshop enquiries or call 0800 699 353 to book in your repair.






    Regular maintenance of your welding equipment is critical if you are to achieve high productivity and remain profitable in a competitive environment.

    Unforeseen machine breakdowns cost time and money so you need a reliable and trustworthy service company to keep your equipment operating in peak performance mode all the time.

    Experienced Welding Technicians:

    Our service team is highly skilled and experienced in all aspects of mechanical and electronic welder repairs. They also understand the challenges faced in the practical environment in which welders operate.  
    They keep up to date with the latest technological developments in the industry so you can be assured your equipment is getting the best possible attention.

    Specialised Welding Repair Facility:

    Accurate and speedy diagnosis of welding machine breakdowns requires both experienced technicians and the right sort of testing equipment.
    Within our fully equipped workshop, we have the equipment to enable a quick turnaround of your equipment repair or maintenance, helping you maximize your productivity.
    We provide both in-house and on-site servicing of all makes and models of welding machinery including:
     - Mig Welders (including MIG torches)
     - Tig Welders (including TIG torches)
     - MMA (arc welders)
     - Stud Welders
     - Spot Welders
     - Plasma Cutters
     - Profile Cutters
     - Gas Cutting & Welding
     - Gas Regulators
     - Water Coolers
     - Engine Driven Welders

    Use A Hire Machine To Eliminate Loss of Productivity:

    Proline has a range of welding equipment available for hire, allowing you to maintain full productivity while your equipment is getting serviced or repaired.
    Click here to find out more about hire equipment.

    Contact us on our free call number 0800 699 353 / 0800 NZ WELD to find out how Proline can assist you in maintaining your welding and cutting equipment in maximum condition with minimal disruption.

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