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Discover Our Premium Range of Industrial Tools in New Zealand 

At Proline Industrial, we offer a comprehensive selection of high-quality industrial tools and equipment. Find exactly what you need for any project. We back our stock with a large spare parts range and expert support available over the phone and at our retail locations in Auckland and Nelson. Experience the Proline advantage today. 

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Explore our top-selling items at Proline Industrial. These products are highlighted for their outstanding quality, durability, and performance. Discover the tools and equipment that professionals across New Zealand trust for their projects. 

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Weldtech 200A Mig/Arc Ready-To-Weld Package Deal WT200MP-PACKAGE
Package Deal

Weldtech 200A Mig/Arc Ready-To-Weld Package Deal WT200MP-PACKAGE

SKU: 204913
Includes Weldtech WT200MP 200A Mig/Arc welder, ownership gas bottle, auto-darkening helmet, mig wire, gloves & arc electrodes. Ready to tackle all your Mig & Arc Welding projects!
$1199.00 Excl GST $1378.85 Incl GST
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Optrel Clearmaxx Grinding Helmet & Swiss Air Kit
Top Seller

Optrel Clearmaxx Grinding Helmet & Swiss Air Kit

SKU: OT34637
4600.110 Optrel Clearmaxx Grinding Helmet & Swiss Air Kit, Complete Package! Includes Optrel Clearmaxx grinding helmet and Optrel Swiss Air kit complete with control panel, incl. comfort half mask: consisting of half mask and hose system incl. head and neck strap, blower unit, shoulder harness, charger, storage bag
$1799.00 Excl GST $2068.85 Incl GST

Strata EziMig205C Mig Welder

SKU: 22110
The EziMig205C is the perfect on-site welding companion. A powerful 200A Mig/Arc industrial site welder, in a compact easy to carry design.
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Strata EziMig205C Mig Welder Package

SKU: 35827
Strata EziMig205C Mig Welder Package, Supplied with CO2 Cylinder, 5KG 8mm Mig Wire, Mig Torch Consumable Kit, SV3000 Welding Helmet, Welding Gloves
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Hypertherm Powermax65 SYNC Incl. 75 Deg Hand Torch Plasma Cutter Package

SKU: 34964
083358 Powermax65 SYNC system, 380-400V 3-PH, CE/CCC, CPC port, 75 degree handheld torch, 7.6m (25') lead, work cable
$8309.70 Excl GST $9556.16 Incl GST

Hypertherm SmartSYNC Cartridges

SKU: SmartSYNC Cartridges
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Telwin Advance 227-XT MV/PFC 200A Arc Welder

SKU: 205316
The professionals choice! The European made 227-XT industrial arc welder is made for extreme conditions. PFC & MV allow the 227-XT to operate on 250M of extension cables. Packed with all the great features site welders need, including adjustable arc force and hot start and has switchable VRD. Making even the most difficult welding tasks easy!
$1090.00 Excl GST $1253.50 Incl GST
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Telwin Technomig 240 Wave Inverter Multi Process Welder

SKU: 33693
Telwin Technomig 240 Wave is a 230V Inverter Multi Process Welder. Included processes are PULSE MIG | MIG | TIG | MMA.
$3475.00 Excl GST $3996.25 Incl GST

Hyundai S-6013.LF General Purpose Arc Electrodes

SKU: 205157
Hyundai S-6013.LF General Purpose Arc Electrodes
$34.20 Excl GST $39.33 Incl GST
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Strata SP240P 8M Spool Gun

SKU: 34302
Strata SP240P Spool Gun MB24 8m 9 Pin Remote Plug C/W Carry Case
$646.00 Excl GST $742.90 Incl GST

The Works Preweld Anti-Spatter Aerosol 600ml

SKU: 203874
The Works Preweld Anti-spatter is widely regarded as the No.1 Anti-Spatter on the market. One can of "The Works 600ml" does the work of 4 traditional antispatter aerosols. Its 100% active product due to the bag-on-valve system, is more concentrate covering a larger area. And is 100% safe & biodegradable. Supplied in a user-friendly 360° action aerosol can!
$18.90 Excl GST $21.74 Incl GST

Promax Welding Torch Coolant 5L/20L

SKU: 203283
Economical, ready to use formulation, available in 5L & 20L
$42.50 Excl GST $48.88 Incl GST
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Promax MIG-250DP 250A Pulse Mig Welder

SKU: 33945
Promax MIG-250DP 250A Multi-Process Welder. Mig | Mig-Pulse | Mig-Double-Pulse C/W MB25 Mig Torch, Earth Lead and Argon Flowmeter Regulator
$2295.00 Excl GST $2639.25 Incl GST
About Proline
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About Proline

New Zealand’s leading supplier & innovator in the power tool & industrial sector

Founded in 1997, Proline Industrial has been serving New Zealand's welding and industrial tool needs ever since. Our commitment to providing high-quality tools and equipment has made us a trusted name in the industry. With a comprehensive range of products and expert support, we are here to meet all your industrial needs. Experience the Proline difference today.

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Explore and stay informed with Proline Industrial. Dive into our Knowledge Hub for expert advice, industry updates, and practical how-to guides tailored for New Zealand professionals.

Exploring Welding Fume Extraction at Trinder Group

23/01/2024 / Welding Equipment

Trinder Engineers, under the leadership of Kerry Hill, is pioneering health and safety advancements in industrial welding with a keen focus on advanced fume extraction technologies. Insights from the team highlight the tangible improvements these innovations bring to the workplace. The company's commitment to transcending standard health and safety norms marks a significant shift towards prioritizing employee well-being and setting new industry benchmarks.

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A Closer Look at Advanced Respiratory Protection in Engineering

23/01/2024 / Welding Equipment

Smith Engineering's Paul Grayson sheds light on a transformative respirator system that stands out in the field of aquaculture engineering. Highlighting its ease of use, effective protection, and minimal physical burden, Grayson's narrative underscores the system's role in mitigating long-term health risks for welders. This innovative solution not only offers a practical alternative to cumbersome traditional respirators but also aligns with the industry's growing focus on occupational safety and health standards.

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Get the Best Quality Annular Cutters for Your Project in 2024

29/08/2023 / Welding Equipment

Have you ever struggled with drilling precise and clean holes in metal materials? The quality of your work is only as good as the tools you use, and when it comes to metal-cutting solutions, Annular Cutters are the gold standard. In this blog post, we’ll explore the world of annular cutters and uncover the secrets to selecting the perfect cutter for your specific project requirements.

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