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The Works Preweld Anti-Spatter Aerosol 600ml

Brand: Promax
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The Works Preweld Anti-spatter is widely regarded as the No.1 Anti-Spatter on the market. One can of "The Works 600ml" does the work of 4 traditional antispatter aerosols. Its 100% active product due to the bag-on-valve system, is more concentrate covering a larger area. And is 100% safe & biodegradable. Supplied in a user-friendly 360° action aerosol can!
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The Works Preweld Anti-Spatter Aerosol 600ml

The Works Preweld Anti-Spatter Aerosol 600ml

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$ 18 .90
$ 21.74 Incl GST
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Product Overview

The Works Preweld Anti-Spatter Aerosol 600ml

"The Works" anti-spatter is a popular product used to prevent welding spatter from adhering to the surrounding surfaces. The anti-spatter spray is applied to the workpiece, and torch nozzle before welding.

Key Features

- Prevents weld spatter from building up on your totch nozzle, or workpiece. It stops weld spatter sticking to the surface, making cleanup easy.

- Saves you time & money on abrasives! Reduces post-weld cleaning by preventing spatter buildup.

- Protects surrounding surfaces from spatter damage, discoloration, and staining.

- Improves weld quality and appearance.

- The Works "WORKS" - Widely Regarded as the No.1 Anti-Spatter. "Works better than any other antI-spatter we've tested"

- The 600ml cans last three-four times longer than triditional anti-spatter cans. (100% active product, no propellant used with the bag on valve system. Protects metal with one pass)

- 360° Spray Action. The Works Cans will still operate correctly upside-down, providing protection on difficult to access areas where triditional antispatters can't reach.

- 100% Safe, Biodegradable product, that will NOT harm you or the environment! Contains no cancer-risk propellants, solvents, liquid gases or irritants. Using this anti-spatter minimises the potential risk of harm to employees. 

- The user-friendly Anti-Spatter, that maximises your efficiency & safety!!



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