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EGELI Convex Flap Discs 10Pk

Brand: Egeli
Style: Egeli
SKU: 32029
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EGELI Conves Flap Disc Convex 10Pk, available in 125mm and 115mm diameter, in Z40, Z60, Z80 and Z120 grit.
$ 48 .80
$ 56.12 Incl GST
EGELI Flap Disc 125x22mm Z40 10Pk

EGELI Convex Flap Discs 10Pk

Now only:
$ 48 .80
$ 56.12 Incl GST
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Product Overview

EGELI Convex Flap Discs 10Pk

Key Features:

- Egeli flap discs are made with zirconia alumina, which is a hardy product for aggressive sanding of metal. This material provides a excellent balance between grinding performance and disc life.

- The abrasive flaps wear uniformly and are designed to withstand high pressure and temperatures, which prolongs their usability.

- Can be used on a range of materials including steel, stainless steel, and other metals

- Design of the flaps enables better air circulation which reduces the heat generated during grinding. This helps in preventing the discoloration of the workpieces and reduces material warping.

- Easy to fit onto standard angle grinders and require less pressure during operation, which reduces operator fatigue.

- The flap design ensures continuous exposure of fresh abrasive as the flaps wear down, maintaining high removal rates and consistent finishing throughout the disc's life.

- Available in 115mm and 125mm diameter

- Available in the following grit sizes: Z40, Z60, Z80, Z120

- Sold in 10pks


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