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    SKU: 202086
    K14107-1 - Lincoln PF-42 Air/Water Cooled Wire Feed Unit, 4-Roll Drive, 0.8mm - 1.6mm, 3 Year Warranty\r\nIncludes Drive Kit for 1.0-1.2mm Solid

    Lincoln Squirt Gun TW K126-12

    SKU: 33708
    K126-11 Lincoln Squirt Gun with Lincoln Machine Connection for Self-Shielded (Innershield ) Wires

    Lincoln Squirt Gun TW K126-12

    $719.00 excl GST
    $826.85 Incl GST
    K126-12 Lincoln Squirt Gun with Tweco Machine Connection for Self-Shielded (Innershield ) Wires

    Lincoln Outback Undercarriage K2722-1

    SKU: 205175
    K2722-1 Outback Undercarriage Kit, Includes Pneumatic tires, Handles and Holders.

    Lincoln Magnum400 4.5M Torch K471-21

    SKU: 203603
    MAGNUM® 400 4.5M 0.9-1.2MM - EURO CONNECTION K479-2


    SKU: 203272
    Lincoln Hand Amptrol 7.6M with 6pin plug

    Spool-Gun Lincoln Magnum 100SG

    SKU: 203848
    Lincoln Magnum 100SG Spool Gun to suit PowerMIG 180C

    Lincoln Powercraft 161 ARC Welder

    $549.00 excl GST
    $631.35 Incl GST
    Lincoln PowerCraft 161 Inverter Arc Welder 160A. Includes 3M Arc/Earth Leads

    Viking Steampunk Helmet3550 4C

    SKU: 205448
    K3428-3 - Lincoln Viking 3350 Steampunk Electronic Welding Helmet with 4C technology for extra clarity & 3 year warranty.

    Lincoln Viking 3350 Large Lens Welding Helmet with 4C Technology

    $449.00 excl GST
    $516.35 Incl GST
    The largest viewing area in its class, multiple sensors, suitable for grinding or plasma cutting, Mig Tig or Arc welding. Now with 4C technology for a Din rating.

    Available in Black, Mojo or Motorhead.

    Lincoln Electric K530-3 Magnum 100L Semiautomatic Welding Gun, 10 ft

    SKU: 203659
    K530-3 Maginum 100L Mig Torch set up for 0.9-1.2mm gas-less to suit SP170

    LINCOLN MAGNUM 100L 10 FT MIG GUN .025-.045 (K530-6)

    SKU: 203893
    K530-6 Magnum 100L Mig Torch set up for 0.6-0.9mm with gas, to suit PowerMIG 180C

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