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Strata SP240P 8M Spool Gun

Brand: Strata
Style: Strata
SKU: 34302
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Strata SP240P Spool Gun MB24 8m 9 Pin Remote Plug C/W Carry Case
$ 646 .00
$ 742.90 Incl GST
Strata SP240P 8M Spool Gun

Strata SP240P 8M Spool Gun

Now only:
$ 646 .00
$ 742.90 Incl GST
Product Overview
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Product Overview

Strata SP240P 8M Spool Gun

Key Features

- 8M spool gun

- Suits all Strata EziMig and AdvanceMig models with 9 pin remote plug connection

- MB24 torch end (consumables)

- Speed control. This is also a handy adjustment, especially for aluminium welding

- Set up with 1.2mm tips

- Includes a plastic carry case for easy storage

- 10K Potentiometer (Pot) for wire speed control

- 9 pin remote plug connection

- Suitable for most inverter Mig welders


Spoolgun Setup Instructions

If your welder has a spool gun function:

1) The trigger is already connected at the Euro connector, just check your welder has 24V DC power to the plug on the front of the welder for the spool gun motor.

2) Change the correct control plug on the spool gun to match your welder & connect motor wires. (We can supply & fit the plug for additional cost if required)

3) Connect speed control wiring via the 10K potentiometer. (Optional, as speed can still be changed at front of welder)


If your welder isn't prewired for a spool gun:

We recommend speaking to one of our service technicians to ensure your welder is compatible. To modify your welder to accept a spool gun, simply book it into our workshop or follow the spool-gun connection instructions below.

1) Ensure your welder has a 24V DC wire feed motor.

2) Drill & fit a connector socket to the front of the welder for the power/control wires. We recommend a 9-pin connector (sku 33031) so the standard spool gun plug fits.

3) Drill & fit a DPDT (double pole double throw) switch to change between wire feeder and spool gun

4) Cut 24V DC wire feeder power supply wires (+ & -). Connect one to each of the switch's center terminals (common). Wire one side to the spool gun plug and the other side back to the power supply wires you cut.

5) Ensure the spool gun rotates the right way, if not swap wires at the switch.

6) Wire up speed control (10K pot) if required. (Optional, as speed can still be changed at front of welder)


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