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Professional motorised cold water blasters

Motorised Cold Water Blasters are essential for those bigger jobs, requiring high pressure for cleaning large areas with tough dirt and stains. We are proud to service what we sell, allowing you to purchase with confidence.

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PowerShot PS3000HD Motorised Cold Water Blaster

$ 2,385 .00 excl GST
$ 2,742.75 Incl GST
6.5HP Honda, 3000psi Waterblaster

PowerShot PS3395 Motorised Cold Water Blaster

$ 1,685 .00 excl GST
$ 1,937.75 Incl GST
PowerShot PS3395 Motorised Cold Water Blaster

PowerShot PS4200HD Motorised Cold Water Blaster

$ 3,285 .00 excl GST
$ 3,777.75 Incl GST
13HP Honda 4200PSI Waterblaster

Simpson PowerShot SP60995 Petrol Waterblaster

$ 1,995 .00 excl GST
$ 2,294.25 Incl GST
Simpson 3000psi 10L/min Petrol Waterblaster

Simpson PowerShot SP4240 Petrol Waterblaster

$ 2,995 .00 excl GST
$ 3,444.25 Incl GST
Simpson 4200psi 15.1L/min Petrol Waterblaster

PowerShot PS3611ES Motorised Cold Water Blaster

$ 1,685 .00 excl GST
$ 1,937.75 Incl GST
Powershot 8HP Electric Start Water Blaster

Powerjet Motorised Cold Water Blasters PJ2000RS

$ 585 .00 excl GST
$ 672.75 Incl GST
Powerjet 5.5HP 2200psi motorised waterblaster with 8M hose. with 4pc quick-change nozzles set.

Powerjet PJ3000RS Motorised Cold Water Blaster

$ 785 .00 excl GST
$ 902.75 Incl GST
Powerjet 7HP Motorised Waterblaster

Powerjet Motorised Cold Water Blasters PJ2500RS

Powerjet 5.5 HP Motorised Waterblaster

PowerShot Honda GC190 Waterblaster

PowerShot Honda GC190 Waterblaster



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