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Strata Twin Gauge Regulators GR101AR

$ 96 .00 excl GST
$ 110.40 Incl GST
Argon Gas Regulator


$ 160 .00 excl GST
$ 184.00 Incl GST
Argon Gas Regulator c/w Flow Meter

Strata Gas-Saver Argon Flowmeter GR102ARFL

$ 95 .00 excl GST
$ 109.25 Incl GST
Strata Argon Gas Regulator- Compact Twin Stage, Flow Meter

Disposable Gas Bottle Regulator

$ 49 .00 excl GST
$ 56.35 Incl GST
Special regulator to suit disposable Argon & CO2/Argon Mix bottles

Harris 801 Flowmeter Argon Regulator 30L (rear inlet)

SKU: 203463
Double stage with two gauges

Harris 821 Professional Argon Twin Flow Meter Regulator

$ 298 .00 excl GST
$ 342.70 Incl GST
The ultimate twin flow purge tig welding regulator - individually adjustable gas flow metres. The design of the Harris 821 with a flow meter on each side of the diaphragm, rather than in-line means altering one will not affect the other so it is far more user friendly than cheap alternatives.

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