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Argon Cylinder to CO2 Regulator Adaptor M/M

$ 28 .90 excl GST
$ 33.24 Incl GST
Argon Cylinder to CO2 Regulator Adaptor M/M

Argon Gas Saver Fitting

SKU: 202841
Do your Argon bottles have a valve that restricts getting the last of the gas out? This fitting will open that valve so you can use all the gas you paid for! - Also used with high pressure decanting hose's for filling small bottles from large workshop bottles.

Argon Stem

$ 19 .88 excl GST
$ 22.86 Incl GST
Argon Stem

Argon Stem Nut

$ 16 .90 excl GST
$ 19.44 Incl GST
Argon Stem Nut

CO2 Cylinder to Argon Regulator Adaptor GADCO2

$ 32 .90 excl GST
$ 37.84 Incl GST
CO2 Cylinder to Argon Regulator Adaptor, F/M to F/M, inc. nylon washer.

Gas Bottle/Regulator Adaptors

Save purchasing a second regulator, use this adaptor to make use of your argon reg for CO2 or your CO2 reg for argon. Specially designed to allow you to fit an argon regulator onto a CO2 cylinder, or vice versa.
Comes in the following options:
* Argon Adaptor - Fits CO2 Regulator to Argon Cylinder
* CO2 Adaptor - Fits Argon Regulator to CO2 Cylinder

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