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Exploring Welding Fume Extraction at Trinder Group

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    In an era where workplace safety is paramount, Trinder Group stands at the forefront with their commitment to health and safety. 

    The industrial welding field is one of the most challenging for health and safety. Still, under the leadership of Managing Director Kerry Hill, Trinder Group is not just meeting but exceeding standards in workplace safety.  

    Their focus on advanced welding fume extraction techniques is a testament to their dedication to protecting their workforce. This approach is reshaping how industrial safety is viewed, positioning Trinder Group as a model of innovation and care in a sector where health risks are significant.  

    Their proactive stance showcases an unwavering commitment to the well-being of their team.

    Addressing Health Risks: Advanced Fume Extraction in Welding 

    The welding industry has faced significant health concerns for years due to welding fumes, but many companies have taken a typical Kiwi “she’ll be right “ approach. 

    Kerry Hill's observation, "Welding fume isn't good for you, and so we're looking for every practical way to reduce the fume," highlights an increasing industry-wide recognition of these hazards.  

    This focus on minimising fume exposure is about compliance with safety standards and a deeper understanding of the significant long-term health impacts on workers. Efforts to innovate and implement safer practices demonstrate a clear shift towards more responsible and health-conscious operations in the welding sector. 

    Trinder Group has taken a proactive stance by incorporating at-source fume extraction systems into their operations, including the Binzel xFUME® ADVANCED Dual Torch Fume Extractor Package and the Binzel xFUME® PRO 36 Fume Extraction Torches. These systems represent a significant technological advancement, offering a practical solution to mitigate the spread of harmful particles. The choice of a dual suction system exemplifies the company's commitment to efficiency and effectiveness in eliminating toxic welding fumes from the workplace. 

    Hill observes that these systems' visible differences are incredible: "The eye-opener is when you open the filter tray after not a very long time, and you see the amount of visible particulate in the tray."

    Evolving Safety Practices: Beyond Compliance to Moral Responsibility 

    The shift towards better safety practices is not just a compliance issue but a moral one. "There's a moral obligation as well just to be doing the right thing," Hill states, highlighting the company's ethos. This sentiment is echoed by the welding supervisor, Wayne Martin, who, with a history of respiratory issues due to prolonged exposure to welding fumes, advocates passionately for these new safety measures. 

    Senior tradesman Damian shares his experience with the new Binzel xFUME® ADVANCED Dual Torch Fume Extractor Package, noting its efficacy: "It's surprising how much it picks up when you empty the tray." Introducing tools like the Binzel xFUME® PRO 36 Fume Extraction Torches and improved welding helmets has visibly cleared the air, making a tangible difference in the workshop environment. 

    Trinder Engineers' journey towards a safer workplace is not just about adhering to regulations but redefining industry standards for health and safety. As Hill rightly questions, "Is the minimum good enough?" At Trinder Group, they believe it is not, and their actions speak volumes about their commitment to the well-being of their employees and the industry at large. 

    As the focus on workplace health intensifies, Trinder Group stands out for its innovative strategies in enhancing welding fume extraction. Their commitment to this cause marks a significant step in creating a healthier industrial environment. By leading with such initiatives, Trinder Group ensures a safer workplace for its employees and sets a precedent for the industry, advocating for more significant health consciousness and safety standards. Their efforts represent a crucial shift towards acknowledging and addressing the long-term health impacts of industrial work, making them a key player in shaping a safer future in industrial workshops and worksites. 

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