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Cebora Win Tig DC 220M HF Tig Welder

Brand: Cebora
Style: Cebora
SKU: 35744
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Art 553 - Cebora Win Tig DC 220M 220A HF Tig Welder - Power Source Only
Cebora Win Tig DC 220M HF Tig Welder - Power Source Only

Cebora Win Tig DC 220M HF Tig Welder

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Product Overview

Cebora Win Tig DC 220M HF Tig Welder - Power Source Only

Key Features

- 230V single phase inverter power source suitable for Tig and MMA welding

- 220A high-frequency Tig welder

- User-friendly LCD Display

- EVO LIFT function allows to place the electrode in the exact position avoiding the piece oxidation and the heat control

- EVO START function in order to optimize edge junction

- APC TIG (Active Power Control) welding process  guarantees a deeper penetration, a more stable arch, avoids the electrodes to get stuck to the piece, allows adapting the arc to the welding conditions only with the torch movement

- Intermittence Pause Time Welding function which makes welding clearer with a time regulation in a second cents range 

- Pulse function selectable up to 2,5 kHz

- Extra Pulse (XP) function: a very high frequency pulse that works on small thicknesses where the transferred heat must be minimal

- Possibility to match a low pulse frequency to the XP process in order to improve the penetration and the welding speed on small-medium thicknesses

- JOB function which makes it possible to save up to 9 welding programs

- Wiz function helps the operator to take quick decisions based on the desired welding process

- The power source can also be powered by motor-driven generators of appropriate power (10 kVA)

- Set up for a cooling unit

- Common applications include light metal fabrication, handcrafting, food industry, routine maintenance, agricultural industry and construction of tanks

- 16Kg

- Dimensions: 207x500x411mm (WxLxH)


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