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ETC PH400 Supradur 400 Electrodes

Brand: ETC
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PH400 Hardfacing Electrodes Available in 4mm and 5mm
$ 97 .50
$ 112.12 Incl GST
Picture of ETC PH400 Supradur 400 Electrodes

ETC PH400 Supradur 400 Electrodes

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$ 97 .50
$ 112.12 Incl GST
Product Overview
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Product Overview

ETC PH400 Supradur 400 Electrodes

Key Features

- SUPRADUR 400 is a think rutile coated MMA electrode for hardfacing applications

- Very easy to use

- Weld metal hardness of ~240 - 290HV10 in the as-welded condition, it can reach 400HV after water-quenching

- Deposit a maximum of 3 layers

- Used for surfacing against sliding impact, e.g. slideways, shock, e.g. cams and rolling impact, e.g. rotors

- Typical applications are civil works and agricultural equipment such as crane parts, rails, slideways, rope pulleys, track-support rollers of crawler-type vehicles, wheel flanges and stud links

- Electrodes are approx 450mm long

- Available in 4mm (approx. 115 electrodes per pack) and 5mm (approx. 80 electrodes per pack) diameter


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