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Optrel Crystal 2.0 PAPR Auto Darkening Welding Helmet Only

Brand: Optrel
Style: Optrel
SKU: OT21371
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4441.900 Crystal 2.0 PAPR Auto Darkening Welding Helmet Only
$ 1,218 .00
$ 1,400.70 Incl GST
Optrel Crystal 2.0 PAPR Auto Darkening Welding Helmet

Optrel Crystal 2.0 PAPR Auto Darkening Welding Helmet Only

Now only:
$ 1,218 .00
$ 1,400.70 Incl GST
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Product Overview

Optrel Crystal 2.0 PAPR Auto Darkening Welding Helmet Only

The OptrelĀ® Crystal 2.0 auto-darkening welding hood features shade 2.0 light state that is unmatched in the world for color and clarity. The Crystal 2.0 lens has fully automatic shade 4 to 12 arc brightness detection with Twilight feature to gradually bring the lens back into light state from welding state, reducing eye strain. Optrel's Autopilot automatically adjusts the shade level based on the brightness of the arc or flame. The auto-dark lens can also be operated in fully manual mode with infinite shade adjustment between shades 4 and 12 for a custom view of the arc. The Crystal 2.0 welding helmet also has improved True Color technology, which allows for realistic color perception in light or dark states. It scores a perfect 1 rating for optical class, scattered light, homogeneity and angular dependence. The Crystal 2.0 has external controls to switch quickly and easily from weld to grind mode and back again. Delay and sensitivity can also be controlled using the external knobs.

Key Features

- Crystal lens technology with shade 2.0 light state - See clearly what happens before, during and after the welding process

- Autopilot - Detection of the arc brightness and fully automated shade level adjustment from 4 to 12. Adjusts automatically to the changing light conditions of the current welding process

- Twilight Feature - gradually lightens lens when switching from dark (welding) to light state to ease eye fatigue.

- Sensitivity Adjustment - allows operator to change lens switching sensitivity for varying ambient light conditions or outdoor welding in sunlight.

- Grind Mode - Switch quickly and easily between weld mode and shade 2.0 grind mode using external controls. There is no need to remove the welding helmet to grind

- True Colour - The color perception in light state is almost like looking through clear window glass and in dark mode, you enjoy a detailed and high-contrast view of the welding pool with never-seen-before clarity. TRUE COLOR passes more colors of the spectrum through compared to standard "green" spectrum welding lenses.

- PAPR auto darkening helmet only - does not include PAPR unit


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