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Promax HD5000 Welding Positioner

Brand: Promax
Style: Promax
SKU: 38140
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Promax HD5000 Lift Capable 5 Tonne Welding Positioner
Promax HD5000 Welding Positioner

Promax HD5000 Welding Positioner

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Product Overview

Promax HD5000 Welding Positioner

Key Features

- Maximum flexibility by using tilting and rotation of the table

- Manipulate the work piece into the appropriate angle for welding

- Motorized adjustment on rotation and tiliting motions enabling welding to be carried out in the optimum positions

- For annular welding, cutting, polishing and assembly

- Easy to set up a welding centre together with welding manipulator or supporting rotators

- AC VFD speed control system with a high frequency defended inverter

- Adjustable tilt centre height to cater for larger sized welding jobs and assembly requirements

- PLEASE NOTE: This is the base unit only - does not include Chucks, Extension Jaws or Torch Mounting Arm. Please contact us for information and pricing on these additional extras


Products specifications
Rated Load5000kg
Table Diam1500mm
Rotate Speed0.05-0.5r/min
Tilting Angle0-135°

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