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Speedglas 427071 Outside Cover Lens 10Pk

Brand: Speedglas
Style: Speedglas
SKU: 35448
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427071 Speedglas Outside Cover Lens 10pk High Heat suits 9000 and 9002 Helmets
Speedglas 427071 Outside Cover Lens 10Pk

Speedglas 427071 Outside Cover Lens 10Pk

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Product Overview

Speedglas 427071 Outside Cover Lens 10Pk

Key Features

- Pack of ten high-heat outside protection lenses (part number 427071) to suit the 3M™ Speedglas™ 9000 and 9002 series helmets.

- High heat resistant lenses are designed for high heat applications

- These outside cover lenses are rated to 205 degrees compared to 140 degrees for the standard Speedglas™ 9000 outer lenses

- Look to replace high heat cover lenses once a fortnight

- Cover lenses suitable for the new Speedglas 9002NC

- Comes stanrd in a pack of 10 (plate marking 420171)

- Scratch-resistant cover plates also available (part number 427070)

- Outer lens dimensions 159 x 96mm.


  • Technical Data Sheet
  • Spare Parts List
  • Instruction Manual
  • Safety Data Sheet

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