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Strata 121 3.2mm Hard Facing Arc Electrodes

Brand: Strata M&R
Style: Strata M&R
SKU: 202206
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Super Tool Steel Electrodes
Strata 121 3.2mm Arc Electrodes

Strata 121 3.2mm Hard Facing Arc Electrodes

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Product Overview

Strata 121 3.2mm Hard Facing Arc Electrodes

Key Features

- Hard facing electrodes

- Provides a high-speed steel deposit with high impact resistance for repairing punches, lathe tools and shear blades

- The weld has a homogeneous quality of fine grain size, resulting in uniform hardness and serviceability

- The deposits can take suddenly applied shock and impact without cracking

- The deposit has both high hardness and high compressive strength

- Useful for repairing damaged or worn high-speed tools and can also be used for making high-speed cutting tools using ordinary shock resistant steel for the shank and the deposit of Strata 121 for the working edge

- The deposit will hold its hardness at much higher temperatures, enabling it to be used at higher speeds and feeds with minimum tool sharpening

- Alloying elements included tungsten, molybdenum and vanadium

- Sold in 1kg packs


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