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Strata 888 Cast Iron Arc Electrodes

Brand: Strata M&R
Style: Strata M&R
SKU: 202340
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Amazing Electrode for Repairing all Cast Iron
$ 226 .08
$ 259.99 Incl GST
Strata 186 Arc Electrodes

Strata 888 Cast Iron Arc Electrodes

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$ 226 .08
$ 259.99 Incl GST
Product Overview
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Product Overview

Strata 888 Arc Electrodes

Key Features

- The high deposition rate creates an extremely narrow heat-affected zone

- Suitable for all weldable cast irons that require post-weld machining

- One of a kind heavily copper-clad ''Tri-metal'' cored cast iron electrode

- High-efficiency weld metal transfer totally eliminates electrode overheating

- Proprietary copper-nickel-iron deposit chemistry yields the ultimate combination of softness, ductility and tensile strength

- Available in 2.4mm, 3.2mm and 4.0mm

- Available in 1kg and 2.5kg packs

- Pictures are for packaging demonstration purposes only, labels in pictures may not match this item's description


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