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TIG Finger - The Original Made-In-USA

Brand: Promax
Style: Promax
SKU: 202954
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Don't sacrifice your fingers for a pretty weld! Use 'Tig Finger' to finish that long pass without getting burned. Tig-Finger keeps your fingers cool & makes your gloves last longer!
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TIG Finger - The Original Made-In-USA

TIG Finger - The Original Made-In-USA

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$ 34 .99
$ 40.24 Incl GST
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Product Overview

The Original Tig Finger Made in the USA

The Tig Finger™ has become a welding industry standard, allowing welders to slide smoothly along hot metal, to their heart's content.  Finish those long passes with ease! No more burnt fingers or blisters, trying to finish that pretty weld! It's like having a prop in your pocket you! And trust us, you'll lose it before you wear it out!

  • The Tig Finger resists both heat & abrasion, keeping your fingers cool & make your gloves last longer!
  • A must-have for learners, allowing you to prop right next to a weld where normally you'd quickly burn through your gloves. 
  • Don't sacrifice your fingers for a pretty weld! Tig Finger will get those long welds finished without burning your fingers or wearing out your gloves!
  • Tig Finger slides smoothly on hot metal, giving you better control of the weld-pool.


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Using Tig Finger to Improve your Tig Welding
Welding with a Tig Finger

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