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Welding Alloys W-O Steelcarb Hardfacing Mig Wire 1.6mm 15kg

Style: Welding Alloys
SKU: 34083
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Steelcarb W-O Hardfacing Mig Wire, 60-65Rc, Gasless
$ 2,650 .00
$ 3,047.50 Incl GST
Picture of Welding Alloys W-O Steelcarb Hardfacing Mig Wire 1.6mm 15kg

Welding Alloys W-O Steelcarb Hardfacing Mig Wire 1.6mm 15kg

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$ 2,650 .00
$ 3,047.50 Incl GST
Product Overview
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Product Overview

Welding Alloys W-O Steelcarb Hardfacing 1.6mm Mig Wire 15kg

Key Features

- A cored wire used for hardfacing components subject to extreme abrasion and moderate impact

- The weld deposit contains hard Primary Tungsten Carbide granules in a Carbon Steel Secondary Carbide Eutectic matrix

- This alloy is virtually the most abrasion-resistant of all available alloys in specific applications

- Primary Tungsten Carbide particles have a hardness of 2000HV

- The weld deposit is non-machinable.

- W-O - Steelcarb Open Arc (Self Shielded-Gasless)

- 60-65Rc

- Relief checking is normal

- Best limited to a maximum of two layers

- Chemical composition:  60% primary Tungsten Carbide in a plain Carbon Steel sheath

- Typical applications: Used to protect carbide tool holders on mining machinery, drill bits, plug mill paddles and augers

- Available to purchase in 1.6mm. Other options available on request

- AS2576 3460-B7

-  WTIA(TN4) 3460-B7


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