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Xiris XVC-500 Weld Inspection Camera

Brand: Xiris
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Xiris XVC-500 Weld Inspection Camera

Xiris XVC-500 Weld Inspection Camera

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Product Overview

Xiris XVC-500 Weld Inspection Camera

A basic weld camera that allows operating personnel to remotely view all relevant features of an open arc welding process during welding without the use of a  computer. Using advanced electronics, the XVC-500 provides a spectacular 140+ dB HDR image with the ability to clearly see the brightest features of the welding arc, while also seeing the darker surrounding environment. It has been designed to economically increase welding production, efficiency and quality. Reliable and packed with functionality, the XVC-500 weld camera includes a weld arc photodetector, C Mount lens holder, and multiple mounting points direct to monitor output

Key Features

- Provides real-time view of the weld during the welding process

- Acts as a setup tool to position the welding torch prior to welding

- Provides a means to adjust the welding position or welding parameters

- Increases productivity by increasing the time spent welding vs. the operator stopping the process to make adjustments

- Improves Health & Safety by providing a means to remove the welder directly from the weld area

- Improve the operator’s working environment and overall efficiency

- A spectacular dynamic range image in excess of 140 dB, allowing images to be acquired with a greater range of tonal detail than any standard camera

- Displays images directly to a standard VGA monitor

- Camera includes: Weld arc photodetector, C mount lens holder, multiple mounting points direct to monitor output, monitor, VGA cable and power supply lead


Please Note: Lens not included, please contact our team for information


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