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Inverter Generators

Inverter Generators are quieter than their conventional counterparts. They are more energy-efficient, portable and user-friendly. Inverter Generators are great for use with more sensitive applications - such as coffee carts, charging laptops, running camping equipment, powering motorhome appliances and even trade tools. They are more popular to use in areas where noise is a greater consideration. 

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GT Power Inverter Generator GT2500i

$ 1,695 .00 excl GST
$ 1,949.25 Incl GST
With 2400W maximum output and super portability (only 20kg!), this generator is ideal for travel and camping.

GT Power Inverter Generators GT7005EFI

$ 3,295 .00 excl GST
$ 3,789.25 Incl GST
7000W Digital Inverter Generator with EFI.

GT Power Inverter Generators GT2100ESI

$ 1,295 .00 excl GST
$ 1,489.25 Incl GST
2000W Push Button Start Silenced Inverter Generator.

GT Power Inverter Generator GT8000ESi

$ 5,845 .00 excl GST
$ 6,721.75 Incl GST
GT Power 8000W Push Button Start Silenced Inverter Generator.

Powertec Inverter Generator PT2200I

$ 1,025 .00 excl GST
$ 1,178.75 Incl GST
Digital Inverter Generator 2000 Watt

GT Power Inverter Generator GT3800Ei

$ 1,445 .00 excl GST
$ 1,661.75 Incl GST
3800W Electric Start Inverter Generator

GT Power Inverter Generators GT4800Ei

$ 1,845 .00 excl GST
$ 2,121.75 Incl GST
4600W Electric Start Inverter Generator


$ 2,195 .00 excl GST
$ 2,524.25 Incl GST
4000W Electric Start Silenced Inverter Generator

Honda Inverter Generator EU22I

$ 2,520 .87 excl GST
$ 2,899.00 Incl GST
Honda 2.2Kva Inverter Generator - EU22i

Honda Inverter Generators EU10I

$ 1,955 .65 excl GST
$ 2,249.00 Incl GST
EU10I Honda Generator 1KVa Portable Invertor AC/DC Series

Honda Inverter Generators EU70IS

SKU: 30410
Honda 7Kva Inverter Generator

Honda Inverter Generators EU70IS 32A

SKU: 34427
Honda 7Kva Inverter Generator - 32A Socket

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