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Thermic lances, lance kits & consumables

The Thermic Lance is a consumable burning bar for cutting and boring stubborn materials. Once ignited the thermic lance will melt almost any material by thermo-chemical reaction. Due to its simplicity in use and basic equipment requirements, it makes the Thermic Lance a very versatile and cost-effective tool.


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Broco Thermic Lance Rods

$ 13 .35 excl GST
$ 15.35 Incl GST
Broco Thermic Lance Rods The portable problem solver! Broco rods cut, melt or literally liquefying any material in its path, using the material itself as fuel. They burn in excess of 10,000°F (5500°C) at the tip.

Broco Thermic Lance Torch Kit

SKU: 203601
Broco Thermic Lance Torch Kit This system is internationally recognised as the professional's choice for surface and underwater, gouging, piercing and cutting.

Thermal Lance Gouging Rods - Slice Rods

SKU: 1624
hermal Lance also known as Thermic Lance or Slice Rods. The temperature reached in the center of the combustion zone is approx 4000 degrees Celsius, greater than the melting point of any substance on earth.

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