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Stainless steel arc electrodes

As one of New Zealand's leading suppliers of quality welding equipment, we stock a wide range of stainless steel arc electrodes. When welding stainless steel you generally need electrodes that contain a thick flux with a high powder content. These electrodes produce a smooth, quiet arc with minimal spatter and medium arc penetration.

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Hyundai Stainless/Dissimilar Arc Electrodes S-312.16

$ 107 .10 excl GST
$ 123.16 Incl GST
Hyundai Stainless/Dissimilar Arc Electrodes S-312.16

Hyundai Stainless/RSP Arc Electrodes S-309L.16

$ 98 .10 excl GST
$ 112.82 Incl GST
Quality stainless/RSP Arc Electrodes S-309L.16

Hyundai Stainless Steel Arc Welding Electrodes S-316.16N

$ 89 .10 excl GST
$ 102.46 Incl GST
Quality stainless steel arc welding electrodes

Weldtech 312 Stainless Steel Electrodes

$ 46 .80 excl GST
$ 53.82 Incl GST
Platinum 312 stainless steel weldall welding electrodes

Weldtech 316 Stainless Steel Electrodes

$ 28 .53 excl GST
$ 32.81 Incl GST
Platinum 316 stainless steel welding electrodes

2.5mm 316L Stainless Arc Welding Electrodes | 0.5KG Pack - Approx. 26 Rods

SKU: 204286
European Made, quality stainless arc welding electrodes.

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