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Tig Welders, Consumables & Accessories

Our Tig Welding range at Proline Industrial includes Tig Welders, Weld Cleaning Machines & Consumables, Tig Torches and Parts, Tig Tungsten’s, Tig Filler Wires and Tig Accessories. With several leading brands available in this range including Cigweld, Strata, Telwin, Weldtech. All our Tig Welders have been carefully chosen to offer you a great performance to price ratio.

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Lincoln Aspect 300 Tig Welder

SKU: 1919
Lincoln Aspect 300 Tig Welder

Strata Xtp4000 Ac/Dc Inverter Tig/Arc Pulse Welder

$ 5,995 .00 excl GST
$ 6,894.25 Incl GST
Precise MCU control technology!

Strata Advance Tig 320 ACDC Water Cooled Trolley Package

SKU: 17819
Strata Advance Tig 320 ACDC 320A Inverter ACDC Pulse TIG/MMA Welder Package C/W Water Cooler, Industrial Trolley, WP18-8M Torch, Arc/Earth Leads, Argon Regulator & Gas Hose

WP18 8m TIG TORCH - XTP3150ACDC Analogue XTP2000ACDC

$ 4,295 .00 excl GST
$ 4,939.25 Incl GST
XTP3150 ACDC - Strata 315A TIG/ARC AC/DC Inverter Pulse Tig, Including Water Cooler WP18 8m Tig Torch, Arc/Earth Leads & Flow Regulator.

Strata Advance Tig 320 ACDC Welder Power Source

$ 3,995 .00 excl GST
$ 4,594.25 Incl GST

Esab Caddy 2200i DC Pulse Tig

SKU: 203646
Esab Caddy 2200i TA34 DC Tig Welder Including 8M Tig Torch & Arc Lead Set.

Strata Advance Tig 200 ACDC Tig Welder

SKU: 17397
Strata Advance Tig 200 ACDC Tig Welder

AdvanceTig205ACDC 200A Inverter

$ 2,395 .00 excl GST
$ 2,754.25 Incl GST
Strata AdvanceTig205ACDC 200A Inverter ACDC HF Pulse TIG/MMA Welder Package. Includes: 8M Tig Torch with Amp Control, Arc/Earth Leads, Gas Regulator & Hose. 3 Year Warranty...

Weldskill Cigweld 205 ACDC Tig

SKU: 205428
Weldskill Cigweld 205 AC/DC Tig


SKU: 17396
STRATA ADVANCE TIG 200 200A Inverter DC HF Pulse TIG/MMA Welder PFC MV

WECO162T - Discovery 162T Tig/Arc 160A Inverter Welder

SKU: 30762
WECO162T - Discovery 162T Tig/Arc 160amp Inverter Welder 230v/16A (Power Source Only)

Weldtech 200A Ezitig ARC/TIG AC-DC Welder

SKU: 17481
200A Inverter AC/DC TIG Welder - Cutting edge IGBT Inverter Technology produces professional results on workshop or on-site projects!

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