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Cebora Synstar 270T 270A Multi Process Inverter Welder

Brand: Cebora
Style: Cebora
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Art 324, Cebora Synstar 270T 270A - Power Source Only
Cebora Synstar 270T 270A Multi Process Inverter Welder

Cebora Synstar 270T 270A Multi Process Inverter Welder

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Product Overview

Cebora Synstar 270T 270A Multi Process Inverter Welder

Key Features

- 4-roller aluminium wire feed unit (Ø 30 mm)

- 28 synergic curves (Solid Ø 0,6/0,8/0,9/1,0/1,2 mm) and flux-cored wire (Ø 0,9 mm)

- Flux-Cored wires can be welded, either with or without shielding gas, by simple polarity inversion

- Pre-arranged for cooling unit

- More than 30 synergic curves for Solid wire Ø 0,6/0,8/0,9/1,0/1,2 mm

- The LCD Display shows in real time the machine set up and allows the operator to read wire and gas type, current and thickness, voltage and wire speed

- The power source is supplied with many adjustable functions which can be accessed from the panel, including: Arc Length, 2/4 strokes, Spot Time, Pause Time, Inductance, Burn Back, Soft Start etc -  SHORT or PULSE process

- Three importants specific functions dedicated to an optimal aluminum welding (3 levels, Automatic Hot Start, Automatic Crater Filler)

- Euro connector allows to use either a MIG standard torch or a Push-Pull 2003 one

- It is possible to work with two different types of coils: Ø 200 mm or Ø 300 mm

- Dimensions: 480x830x825mm (WxLxH)

- Weight: 50kg


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