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Discovery 200 AC/DC

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Discovery 200 AC/DC
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Discovery 200 AC/DC

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Product Overview

Discovery 200AC/DC is a complete and reliable Single Phase Inverter Power Source for TIG AC and DC welding.
TIG AC functions are ideal for aluminum, magnesium and related alloys welding, while mild steel, stainless steel and copper can be easily welded in TIG DC.

Discovery 200 AC / DC is a complete and reliable single-phase inverter welder for TIG AC (alternating current) and DC (direct current) welding.
In TIG AC mode, the functions are ideal for welding aluminum, magnesium and its alloys. In TIG DC mode, common steels, stainless steels and copper are easily welded.
Discovery 200 AC / DC is suitable for high precision construction, petrochemical plants, the food industry and shipyards.
The standard functions in the TIG AC / DC welder are:
Post Gas,
Ramp up and down and Final current.
The 2-stroke / 4-stroke / Bi-Level modes are operated from the torch.
In TIG DC welding, the Slow Pulse (0.1 Hz ÷ 5 Hz) and Fast Pulse (5 Hz ÷ 250 Hz) modes are available. Weco's
special high frequency control (Special HF control)
ensures 100% fast and accurate arc priming.
TIG AC welding is optimized thanks to:
- The synergic arc priming that can be selected on the front panel depending on the diameter of the tungsten electrode.
- Smooth wave for optimum welding quality that results in fast welding, control of the melting bath and noise reduction.
The simple and intuitive interface allows precise adjustments.
In MMA mode, welds are easily made with electrodes up to 3.25 mm in diameter.
• Light and reliable
• Microprocessor to control
welding parameters in real time
• AC Balance to adjust pickling and penetration
• Adjustable AC frequency (20Hz ÷ 208Hz) to adjust speed and penetration
• Remote control and cooling unit available upon request
• Car bottle bottles, optional on request.


Products specifications
Voltage1x230Vac ± 15% @ 50-60Hz
welding current16A
Duty Cycle30%@200A 60%@150A 100%@130A

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