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Hyundai E71T1 Supercored 71MAG 1.0mm Mig Wire 15kg

Brand: Hyundai
Style: Hyundai
SKU: 34077
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AWS: E71T1-M21A2-CS1, All-position, Flux Cored Argon/CO2 Gas Shielded Mig Wire
Hyundai Supercored 71MAG 15kg 1.0mm E71T1-M21A2-CS1 Mig Wire

Hyundai E71T1 Supercored 71MAG 1.0mm Mig Wire 15kg

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Product Overview
Hyundai E71T1 Supercored 71MAG 1.0mm Mig Wire 15kg

Key Features

- Rutile flux cored Mig wire for mild steel and 490MPa high tensile steel applications

- Excellent arc performance and weld bead characteristics in all positions

- Designed for welding with 75-80% Argon/balance CO2 shielding gas

- Widely used for shipbuilding, civil construction and general fabrication

- Smooth and stable arc with low spatter

- AWS: A5.36, E71T1-M21A2-CS1

- EN ISO:  17632-A-T 42 3 P M21 1


Replaced by Hyundai Supercored 71 Mig Wire


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