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Lincoln Aspect 300 Tig Welder

Brand: Lincoln
Style: Lincoln
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Lincoln Aspect 300 Tig Welder
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Lincoln Aspect 300 Tig Welder

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Product Overview

Lincoln Aspect 300 Tig Welder

The TIG AC/DC new aspect!  
ASPECT® 300 is an industrial AC/DC TIG welding machine designed and manufactured using the
latest inverter digital technology. This machine has been designed and built to perform in the
most hazardous environments at high outputs: 300A at 35% duty cycle both in TIG AC and TIG DC
application. The controller provides all the features you would expect from industrial AC/DC TIG
inverter welding machines combined with a user-friendly front panel layout, setting advanced
TIG parameters has never been so simple!
The top class features like the 2A minimum current, the multiple AC mode selection (including
four different wave shapes), the optimized TIG start with adjustable electrode type and HF
polarity, makes the unit the right choice to suit any application.
It can be simply changed to water-cooled by adding the COOL ARC® 46 Water Cooler. A robust,
stable and well equipped cart is available for easy movement of the unit.


• Advanced inverter technology for superior TIG performance.
• Superb welding characteristics with TIG DC, TIG AC and Stick welding processes.
• Adjustable cleaning and penetration for perfect aluminium welding.
• Variable AC frequency (40-400Hz) for control of travel speed and penetration.
• Full function user-friendly control panel layout with graph and a numeric display make it easy to set all
welding parameters.
• Rugged construction: electrical safety (IP23), potted PC boards and optimum airflow "Tunnel Technology"
reduce contamination to extend the equipment's life in the harshest environmental conditions.

• PFC (Power Factor Correction) advantages: 30% more output current with the same input current, suitable
for 415V (+15%-10%) three phase, low current consumption, energy saving, low current harmonics and
reduction of the total CO2 produced by the welding process.
• Water coolers and Carts available


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