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Master XL61 17kW Radiant Diesel Heater

Brand: Master
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The Italian-made Master XL 61 infrared oil heater delivers rapid, precise heat distribution exactly where it's needed, without any air movement. Experience dust-free drying for walls and paints, efficient defrosting of machinery and pipelines, and comfortable heating for workspaces with this reliable heater.
$ 1,595 .00
$ 1,834.25 Incl GST
Master 17kW Radiant Diesel Heater

Master XL61 17kW Radiant Diesel Heater

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$ 1,595 .00
$ 1,834.25 Incl GST
Product Overview
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Product Overview

Master 17kW Radiant Diesel Heater

The Master XL 61 harnesses the power of short-wave infrared radiation, similar to the sun's rays, to effectively warm objects without heating the surrounding air. As these objects absorb the heat, they can radiate warmth to other nearby items. This cutting-edge heater's unique properties allow it to heat through fog and wind, travelling directly to its target, unlike traditional hot air systems.

The Master XL 61 is the superior choice for:

  1. Efficiently heating objects, people, or walls both indoors and outdoors.
  2. Thoroughly dry plaster walls by penetrating and evaporating interior moisture, outperforming air flow heaters that only create a dry surface while trapping humidity inside the wall.
  3. Focused heating in confined indoor spaces avoids the rapid dispersion of hot air commonly found in other heating methods.
  4. Conserving energy, as the Master XL 61 requires less energy to achieve the same heating results, makes it eco-friendly.


Key Features:

- Heating power for spaces up to 155m2

- Fuel-efficient 11L tank for up to 7 hours of use

- Fuel level gauge

- Ceramic fibre combustion chamber

- Electronic flame control

- Standard photocell cut off

- Designed for easy maintenance, handling and transportation

- Dimensions (LxWxH): 560 x 345 x 575mm

- Net/Gross weight: 19/21kg


Products specifications
Heating Power17 kW (58,000 BTU/h)
Fuel Autonomy7h
Tank Capacity11 Litres
Product size (l x w x h)560 x 345 x 575mm
Net/gross Weight19/21kg

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