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Fliess ER110S-G High Tensile ED FK-1 Mig Wire 15kg

Brand: Fliess
Style: Fliess
SKU: 34080
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AWS: ER110S-G High Tensile, All-position, Copper Coated Low Alloy Solid Mig Wire
$ 314 .08
$ 361.19 Incl GST
Mig Wire High Tensile 15kg Fliess ED FK-1

Fliess ER110S-G High Tensile ED FK-1 Mig Wire 15kg

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$ 314 .08
$ 361.19 Incl GST
Product Overview
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Product Overview

Fliess ER110S-G High Tensile ED FK-1 Mig Wire 15kg

Key Features

- High tensile wire

- Copper coated low alloy solid wire

- For all positional welding of high strength TMCP and Q & T steels requiring as-welded tensile strength up to 800N/mm2 with good low-temperature toughness

- Used DC positive

- Shielding gas: Argon/ 5-25% CO2

- Weld deposits with good appearance and penetration

- Low spatter loss can be achieved

- For applications that require optimum low-temperature toughness in the Post Weld Head Treated condition, 110 solid wire is recommended instead

- Typical applications: For joining of high strength steels and also used in weld reclamation applications where solid wires are preferred

- Available for purchase in 1.0mm and 1.2mm. Other options available on request

- AWS: A5.28, ER110S-G

- AS/NZS 2717.1, ESMG-GC/M W769AH z

- AS/NZS 16834-A, G69 4 M21 Mn3Ni1CrMo

- AS/NZS 16834-A, G69 4 M13 Mn3Ni1CrMo

- AS/NZS 16834-B, G76 4U M21G

- AS/NZS 16834-B, G76 4U M13G 


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