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Miller Style Drive Rollers OD43 ID22 W14

Brand: Promax
Style: Miller
SKU: 33749
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Miller Knurled & V-Groove Drive Rollers, OD42.7mm ID22.3mm W14.4mm
$ 49 .50
$ 56.92 Incl GST
Miller Style OD43 ID22 W14 Drive Rollers

Miller Style Drive Rollers OD43 ID22 W14

Now only:
$ 49 .50
$ 56.92 Incl GST
Product Overview
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Product Overview

Miller Style Drive Rollers OD43 ID22 W14

Key Features

- Outside Diameter: 42.7mm

- Inside Diameter: 22.3mm

- Width: 14.4mm

- Available in both knurled and v-groove style

- Knurled is used for flux-cored wires

- V-Groove is used for solid wires

Available in the sizes below (Miller codes displayed):

 Single Drive Roller2 Drive Roller Kit4 Drive Roller Kit
0.8mm   079594  
1.0mmDR4322-10K053696   161190
1.2mm132957053697151062 151053151027
1.6mm132955   151055 

- Used in the following two roll Miller wire feeders: 8VS, 12VS, Extreme 12VS, S22A, S22P, S32S, S32P, S42GL, S52, D52, Millermatic 200, 250, 250MP, 250X, 300 and Vintage, Portamig, Automatic Drives A1-2, A2-2 & A1D-2, SwingArc, Single, Dual, SwingArc Digital 1 & 2, S62, S62D, D62D, D62 and D62D

- Used in the following four roll Miller wire feeders: R115V, S44GL, S54A, S54D, S54E, S54M, D54A, D54D, D54M & Automatic Drives A1-4, A2-4 & A1D-4, S64, S64D, S64M, SS64M, SS12, SS16, SS12D, SS16D, S74S, S74D,S74DX, SS74D12, SS74D16, D60M, DS60M, D64, D64D, Swing Arc DS12, DS16, DS16D, D74S, D74D, D74DX, DS74D-12 and DS74D-16

Needing help finding the correct drive roller? Please enquire now or call our team. We have access to a huge range of sizes.



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