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WECO Discovery 281 AC/DC TIG Welder

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WECO Discovery 281 AC/DC TIG Welder
Picture of WECO Discovery 281 AC/DC TIG Welder

WECO Discovery 281 AC/DC TIG Welder

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Product Overview

Discovery 281 AC/DC is an advanced technology Three Phase Inverter Power Source for TIG AC and DC welding.
TIG AC functions are ideal for aluminum, magnesium and related alloys welding, while mild steel, stainless steel and copper can be easily welded in TIG DC.
High definition construction,petrol/chemical plants, food& beverage industry and shipyards are Discovery 281 AC/DC main applications.
Weco Special HF control provides100% rapid and precise arc ignition.
TIG AC welding is optimized thanks to:
– Synergic arc ignition selection located on the front panel, it modifies the ignition according to electrode diameter.
– Extra Fusion function maximizes arc focusing for considerable thin material
– Mixed AC/DC increases arc penetration for thick aluminum plates.
– Pulsed AC avoids deformations when welding for long time.
Friendly-user LCD interface allows precise parameters setting.
Up to 6mm diameter electrode welding is possible in MMA.
50 program memories available
AC Balance for oxide-cleaning and penetration
Adjustable AC frequency (20÷200Hz) controls welding speed and penetration
Square-Wave allows faster welding speed and better pool control
Sine-Wave provides traditional soft arc
Triangular-Wave reduces heat input
Multiple AC Waveforms available for any TIG AC welding request
Remote Controlled by TIG-torch( UP-DOWN, potentiometer), pedal or RC unit
Cooling Unit available
Construction technology:  Inverter
Mains supply:  Three phases
Type:  TIG
Warranty Period: 24 Months


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