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Welding Alloys L-E Hardfacing Electrodes

Style: Welding Alloys
SKU: 34351
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Basic Coated SMAW Electrode For Hardfacing, Available in 3.2mm and 4.0mm
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Welding Alloys L-E Hardfacing Electrodes 5kg

Welding Alloys L-E Hardfacing Electrodes

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$ 229 .50
$ 263.92 Incl GST
Product Overview
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Product Overview

Welding Alloys L-E Hardfacing Electrodes 5kg

Key Features

- Low-alloy hard martensitic deposit, highly resistant to impact abrasion and compressive stresses

- Basic coating provides tolerance to rust and mill scale on the surface to be welded

- Quiet and stable arc

- Easy slag removal

- Machineable onl by grinding

- Suitable for hardfacing mild steel, carbon steel and alloy steel components subject to metal to metal wear, impact and high abrasion

- Typical applications include bucket components, conveyor shutes, tracked vehicle tracks and rollers, cable drums, pulleys - just to mention a few!

- Hardness: 58 HRC (3 layers, as welded)

- Welding Positions: Flat, Half Down, Half Up

- Available in 3.2mm (5kg pack) and 4.0mm (6.5kg pack)



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