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Mig Welders, Consumables & Accessories

We stock a huge range of both light engineering and robust industrial Mig Welders along with Mig Robotics and Mig Wire Feeders. Including many leading brands such as Lincoln, Stata, Telwin & Weldtech. We also stock a full range of consumables & accessories such as Mig Torches, Parts and Mig Wires. All our Mig Welders have been carefully chosen to offer you a great performance to price ratio.

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Blue Demon E71T-11 Gasless Flux-Cored Mig Wire 0.9kg

$ 29 .50 excl GST
$ 33.92 Incl GST
AWS: E71T-11, All Position, Gasless Flux-Cored Mig Wire

Hyundai E71T-1C Supercored 71 Mig Wire 15kg

$ 69 .90 excl GST
$ 80.38 Incl GST
AWS: E71T-1C, All-position, Flux Cored CO2 Gas Shielded Mig Wire, available in 1.0mm, 1.2mm and 1.6mm

Hyundai SC-420MC Dual-Shield Flux Cored Mig Wire 15kg

$ 86 .85 excl GST
$ 99.88 Incl GST
The SC420MC is an all-position, dual-shield E71T flux cored mig wire. Excellent weldability at low current & vertical-up welding with no weave makes this a huge time saver!! Available in 1.2mm and 1.6mm

Weldtech E71T-11 Gasless Flux-Cored Mig Wire 5kg

$ 81 .61 excl GST
$ 93.85 Incl GST
AWS: E71T-11, All position, Gasless Flux-Cored Mig Wire

Weldtech WT180MP Mig Welder

$ 885 .00 excl GST
$ 1,017.75 Incl GST
The WT180MP welder package is supplied with 3M MB25 Mig Torch, Arc/Earth Leads & Gas Regulator. Ready for Mig or Arc welding!

WT140FC 140A Gasless MIG Welder

$ 335 .00 excl GST
$ 385.25 Incl GST
WT140FC 140A Gasless MIG Welder

Tweco Style TW5 M15 Mig Tips

$ 3 .95 excl GST
$ 4.54 Incl GST
Tweco Style TW5 M15 Mig Tips, Available in 1.0mm - 2.4mm

WT160MP 160A - Inverter MIG/TIG/ARC Welder

$ 585 .00 excl GST
$ 672.75 Incl GST
WT160MP Weldtech 160A Multi Process Inverter Welder

Hyundai E71T1 Supercored 71H Mig Wire 15kg

$ 78 .90 excl GST
$ 90.74 Incl GST
AWS: E71T1-C1A4-CS1, All-position, Titania Flux Cored CO2 Gas Shielded Mig Wire

Binzel Style MB24 Mig Torch Tip Adaptor

$ 3 .93 excl GST
$ 4.52 Incl GST
MTA2481 MB24 Tip Adaptor

XP8 Style XP2003 Mig Tips

$ 3 .80 excl GST
$ 4.37 Incl GST
XP2003-06, XP2003-08, XP2003-09, XP2003-10, XP2003-12, XP2003-13 - XP8 Style Mig Tips, Available in 0.6mm - 1.3mm

Promax Brass Mig Torch Neck Liner

$ 26 .50 excl GST
$ 30.48 Incl GST
The Brass Neck-Liner threads directly onto the soft aluminium liner, providing better conductivity for superior aluminium welding.



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