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ArcDroid CNC Robot & Strata AdvanceCut45 Plasma - Elite Twin-Torch Package

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Elite Twin-Torch Package includes 240V ArcDroid CNC Robot, Strata AdvanceCut45 Plasma Cutter , 6M Hand Torch, 6M Machine Torch & XT4000 Consumable Kit.
$ 6,825 .22
$ 7,849.00 Incl GST

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ArcDroid CNC Robot & Strata AdvanceCut45 Plasma - Elite Twin-Torch Package

ArcDroid CNC Robot & Strata AdvanceCut45 Plasma - Elite Twin-Torch Package

Now only:
$ 6,825 .22
$ 7,849.00 Incl GST
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Product Overview

ArcDroid CNC Robot & Strata AdvanceCut45 Plasma - Elite Twin-Torch Package  

ArcDroid makes CNC plasma cutting accessible to your garage or workshop with its portable, powerful, and user-friendly design. By combining ArcDroid with our custom operating system featuring Simple Trace, you can achieve precise reproductions of your designs, resulting in fast, accurate, and consistent parts from your plasma cutter. With ArcDroid, any table can become a plasma table

Key Features

- The Elite package provides superior cutting quality when 180° torch is fitted, it eliminates cable interruption & allows you to keep the ArcDroid always set-up ready to cut.

- Both hand (90°) & machine (180°) torches run the same consumables for cost saving & convenince.  



Simple Trace technology - no external software or CAD skills required. 

- Point to point or freehand drawings - Simple Trace turns your drawings and cardboard templates into cut files instantly

- Cut envelope of 660x380mm

- Fusion 360, solid works and SheetCAM compatible - import your own CAM files via USB

- Powerful touch screen interface - no external PC required!

- Glove-friendly touch screen - intuitive user friendly interface

- Get more out of your plasma cutter - quick change holders to move from trace to cut mode

- Light and compact, only 16kgs! In your shop or take it to the job site, CNC capabilities anywhere

- Dimensions (WXHXD): 508x356x254mm

- Designed to operate with all plasma cutters with the common pilot arc start function. Please contact our sales team for advice on compatibility



- IGBT Inverter technology for smooth & stable output and increased reliability

- Microprocessor control system with superior & dynamic arc characteristics

- Increased duty cycle and energy efficiency with active PFC technology

- Multi voltage input - will operate with wide range of input voltage, can even be used with long extension leads

- Protected external air regulator with water trap/filter enabling easy adjustment and servicing

- Safe and robust connection to machine with Euro Connect torch system

- Non-HF arc starting system increases reliability and lowers EMF pollution

- Auto pilot arc control increases cutting control, especially for discontinuous cutting

- Lightweight and compact design - ideal for portable applications

- Extreme stress tested in production up to 440V, ensuring rugged reliability

- Industrial IP23 casing with front panel protection, resists damage, moisture and corrosion

- Durable and reliable with high quality & over specified electronic components

- Intelligent machine protection system with temperature, voltage and current sensors for increased reliability & safety

- Designed to work with generator power supply with protection from power surges

- Air flow manual activation switch sets and tests air pressure without triggering the torch


Package includes:


  • Technical Data Sheet
  • Spare Parts List
  • Instruction Manual
  • Safety Data Sheet

Product Videos

ArcDroid CNC with Strata AdvanceCut45 plasma cutter - Proline Industrial
ArcDroid The CNC Plasma Robot
ArcDroid Demonstration Video | Proline Industrial

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