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Hypertherm Powermax45XP 3PH Plasma Cutter Power Source

Brand: Hypertherm
Style: Hypertherm
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088108 - Hypertherm Powermax45XP 3PH Plasma Cutter Power Source
Hypertherm Powermax45XP 3PH Plasma Cutter Power Source

Hypertherm Powermax45XP 3PH Plasma Cutter Power Source

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Product Overview

Hypertherm Powermax45XP 3PH Plasma Cutter Power Source

The Powermax45® XP plasma cutting system delivers superior cutting performance with a maximum thickness capacity of 16 mm (5/8 inch), featuring fast cutting rates and automatic gas adjustment for easy setup and use. It comes equipped with Duramax® Lock torches, enhancing its versatility for manual and mechanized cutting over a wide range of metal thicknesses. Moreover, it is highly effective in detailed gouging operations, such as the removal of spot welds and performing complex marking tasks.

Key Features

- Compact and lightweight design for easy transportation

- User-friendly interface suitable for beginners, featuring exclusive drag-cutting technology

- Smart Sense™ technology automatically adjusts air pressure for optimal performance

- Compatibility with CNC interface and FastConnect™ torch system for both manual and automated cutting

- Diverse selection of torches and consumables available for both handheld and automated cutting tasks

- Specialized consumables enhance capabilities for detailed cutting, long-range cutting, gouging, precision gouging, and marking

- Duramax® Lock torches built to withstand high impact and temperature

- SpringStart™ technology guarantees consistent ignition and peak torch efficiency

- Hypertherm Certified™ assurance for unmatched reliability in tough conditions

- Improved plasma cutting efficiency by 11% over previous models, offering faster cutting with less energy


Please Note: This is the power source only, package deal available here: Hypertherm Powermax45XP Three-Phase Plasma Cutter Package with Hand-held Torch


Products specifications
Input voltages (± 10%)CSA 200 – 240 V, 1-PH, 50-60 Hz OR 480 V, 3-PH, 50-60 Hz1 CE/CCC 230 V, 1-PH, 50-60 Hz OR 400 V, 3-PH, 50-60 Hz
Input current @ 6.5 kWCSA 200 - 240 V, 1-PH, 39/32 A OR 480 V, 3-PH, 9.4 A1 CE/CCC 230 V, 1-PH, 50-60 Hz OR 400 V, 3-PH, 50-60 Hz
Output current10–45 A
Rated output voltage145 VDC
Duty cycle @ 40° C (104° F)CSA 50% @ 45 A, 200 – 240 V, 1-PH 60% @ 41 A, 200 – 240 V, 1-PH 100% @ 32 A, 200 – 240 V, 1-PH 50% @ 45 A, 480 V, 3-PH 60% @ 41 A, 480 V, 3-PH 100% @ 32 A, 480 V, 3-PH
Open circuit voltage (OCV)275 VDC (200 - 240 V, CSA/CE/CCC and 480 V, CSA) 265 VDC (400 V CE/CCC)
Gas SupplyCutting: air (clean, dry and oil-free), nitrogen, F5 Gouging: air (clean, dry and oil-free), nitrogen, F5 Marking: air (clean dry and oil-free) argon
Recommended gas inlet flow rate / pressure188 I/min (400 scfh) @ 5,9 bar (90 psi)
Power supply typeInverter – IGBT
Engine drive requirement12.5 kVA (10 kW) for full 45 A output
Electrical efficiency0.88
WarrantyPower supply: 3-year Torch: 1-year
Dimension(L x W x H)442 mm (17.4") D; 173 mm (6.8") W; 357 mm (14.1") H

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