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Lincoln E111T1 Ultrafil R690M High Tensile 1.2mm Mig Wire 15kg

Brand: Lincoln
Style: Lincoln
SKU: 32237
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AWS: E111T1 High Tensile, All-position, Copper Coated Gas Shielded Flux Cored Mig Wire
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$ 369.93 Incl GST
Lincoln Ultrafil R690M E111 1.2mm 15kg Mig Wire

Lincoln E111T1 Ultrafil R690M High Tensile 1.2mm Mig Wire 15kg

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$ 321 .68
$ 369.93 Incl GST
Product Overview
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Product Overview

Lincoln E111T1 Ultrafil R690M High Tensile 1.2mm Mig Wire 15kg

Key Features

- High tensile wire

- Premium copper coated gas shielded flux cored wire with excellent mechanical properties

- Seamless wire technology ensures hydrogen levels stay at H4/H5 even after long term storage

- Smooth spray transfer achieved at low welding current levels

- Designed for use with mixed gas operation, Argon 15-25% CO2

- Diffusible hydrogen typically less than 3mls per 100gms deposited metal

- Typical applications are for full positional weleding of quenched and temperated high strenght steels

- Also used in general and high integrity fabrication of mining and mineral processing equipment such as truck trays, shovel components, high strengh pipe spooling and other heavy equipment where high strength steels are used

- Suitable for fillet, butt and build-up welding applications

- Suitable for high integrity welded joints subject to high restraint and possible hydrogen assisted cold cracking

- AWS: A5.29: E111T1-K3M-JH4

- AWS: A5.29M: E761T1-K3M-JH4

- AWS: A5.36: E111T1-M21A2-K3-H4, E111T9-M21A2-K3-H4 

- AWS: A5.36M: E76T1-M21A3-K3-H4, E76T9-M21A3-K3-H4 

- AS/NZS ISO 18276-A: T 69 3 Mn2NiMo P M 1 H5

- AS/NZS ISO 18276-B: T 76 3 T1-1 M A-N4M2-U H5



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