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Strata AdvanceMulti205P ACDC TIG/MMA/Pulse MIG Multi-Process Welder

Brand: Strata
Style: Strata
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The Strata AdvanceMulti205P 4-in-1 Multipurpose Welder includes: 200A ACDC TIG, MMA (Arc), MIG & Mig-Pulse functions. The most versatile single phase welder in the range. Perfect for the workshop, or on-site maintenance. AdvanceMulti205P, the solution to any welding task that comes your way!
$ 3,195 .00
$ 3,674.25 Incl GST
Strata AdvanceMulti205P ACDC TIG/MMA/Pulse MIG Multipurpose Welder

Strata AdvanceMulti205P ACDC TIG/MMA/Pulse MIG Multi-Process Welder

Now only:
$ 3,195 .00
$ 3,674.25 Incl GST
Product Overview
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Product Overview

Strata AdvanceMulti205P ACDC TIG/MMA/Pulse MIG Multi-
Process Welder

Key Features

- One machine for every job with Advanced Multi Process Technology - AC/DC TIG, MMA, MIG, Pulse MIG functions

- 5" Full Colour IPS LCD Display for clear and intuitive operation of machine controls and settings

- Active PFC Technology allows for increased duty cycle and reduced power consumption

- Synergic Smart TIG Operation Mode provides easy setting of TIG control parameters according to the welding job

- Advanced TIG Functions Mix AC/DC Waveforms, Advanced Waveform Control, Advanced Spot Welding

- Lift TIG and HF Start Modes gives versatility for welding around sensitive electronic equipment

- 2T/4T & Multilevel Trigger Control Modes

- Electronic HF Tig Arc Ignition System for low EMF interference

- Perfect MIG welding results on aluminium, stainless steel and thin materials with Pulse MIG Function

- Smart Synergic MIG Function for easy control of machine settings according to welding job

- Manual MIG function for increased control for every operator preference

- Remote Control Spool Gun Connection Effective results welding with soft wires such as Aluminium

- Suitable for MIG brazing with bronze wires.

- Advanced MMA Features Pulse, AC or DC, Adjustable hot start and arc force controls

- Multi Voltage Input for operating with wide range of input voltage, can even be used with long extension lead.

- Resistant to damage, moisture and corrosion with industrial IP23 casing with front panel protection

- Switchable Smart Cooling Fan Control

- Externally upgradeable software via USB Connection

- Accessories Include: Strata Professional PRO26 25ft TIG torch with thumbwheel remote control, Strata Professional MT250-40ER MIG Torch, 4m MMA lead with heavy duty twist lock electrode holder, 3m Earth Lead with heavy duty earth clamp, Strata 2 Stage Flowmeter Argon Gas Regulator, Argon Regulator/CO2 Cylinder Adaptor, 4m Gas Hose, Gas Inlet Quick Connector, Gas Hose Clamp x2, MIG Wire Drive Roller 0.6/0.8mm 'v' groove, MIG Wire Drive Roller 0.9/1.0mm 'v' groove , MIG Wire Drive Roller 0.8/0.9mm 'knurled' groove  


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