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Arc Welding Electrodes

When it comes to arc welding there are a variety of different electrodes at your disposal. You can choose an electrode not just for the type and size of material you need welded but also depending on what position will be used in order to achieve optimal results. This is primarily due to how materials affect everything from the depth of arc and deposition rate all the way down through fluidity and setting time for slag as well as alloy types that are needed or joint types desired. 

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Weldtech E7018 Low Hydrogen Electrodes

$ 11 .43 excl GST
$ 13.14 Incl GST
Platinum E7018 low hydrogen welding electrodes

Weldtech 312 Stainless Steel Electrodes

$ 46 .80 excl GST
$ 53.82 Incl GST
Platinum 312 stainless steel weldall welding electrodes

Weldtech HF600 Hard Facing Electrodes

$ 18 .99 excl GST
$ 21.84 Incl GST
Platinum HF600 hard facing welding electrodes

Weldtech 316L Stainless Steel Electrodes

$ 28 .53 excl GST
$ 32.81 Incl GST
Weldtech Platinum 316L stainless steel welding electrodes. Perfect for marine & general stainless steel welding, with a high level of corrosion resistance.

Hyundai S-6013.LF General Purpose Arc Electrodes

$ 34 .20 excl GST
$ 39.33 Incl GST
Hyundai S-6013.LF General Purpose Arc Electrodes

ETC PH77 Supercito 7018 Electrodes

$ 26 .50 excl GST
$ 30.48 Incl GST
E7018-1-H4 Low Hydrogen or Basic Electrodes - ETC Brand - Popular Phillips Recipe Welding Rods!

Available in the following options, please select your preference from the dropdown box below.
ETCPH7725 2.5mm x 350mm long, 4.1kg pack (185pc)
ETCPH7732 3.2mm x 450mm long, 5.5kg pack (120pc)
ETCPH7740 4.0mm x 450mm long, 5.8kg pack (85pc)
ETCPH7750 5.0mm x 450mm long, 5.5kg pack (55pc)



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