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Quality Hardfacing MIG Wire

We stock a wide range of hardfacing MIG wire types that are high quality. Easy to use, superb value and versatile. Ask our expert team for what best fits your needs.

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Postalloy 2898-FCO 1.2mm Hardfacing Mig Wire

$ 205 .98 excl GST
$ 236.88 Incl GST
2898-FCO Hardfacing Mig Wire, 55-59Rc, CO2/Argon Shielding Gas

Postalloy 2832-MCO 1.2mm Hardfacing Mig Wire 11.43kg

$ 496 .20 excl GST
$ 570.63 Incl GST
2832-MCO Hardfacing Mig Wire, 58-62Rc, Gasless, CO2 or CO2/Argon Shielding Gas

Postalloy 2892-SPL 1.2mm Hardfacing Mig Wire 11.34kg

$ 312 .00 excl GST
$ 358.80 Incl GST
2892-SPL Hardfacing Mig Wire, 34-39Rc, CO2/Argon Shielding Gas

Postalloy 2898-SPL Hardfacing Mig Wire

$ 262 .00 excl GST
$ 301.30 Incl GST
2898-SPL Hardfacing Mig Wire, 55-59Rc, CO2/Argon Shielding Gas

Welding Alloys AP-O 1.6mm Hardfacing Mig Wire 15kg

$ 649 .00 excl GST
$ 746.35 Incl GST
AP-O Hardfacing Mig Wire, 22-24Rc, Gasless

Welding Alloys HC-O Hardfacing Mig Wire 15kg

$ 646 .25 excl GST
$ 743.19 Incl GST
HC-O Hardfacing Mig Wire, 60-62Rc, Gasless

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