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    Postalloy 2832 Hardfacing Mig Wire

    $476.40 excl GST
    $547.86 Incl GST
    58 - 62 Rc A premium chromium carbide alloy for applications involving high abrasion and mild or moderate impact resistance.

    Postalloy 2892 Hardfacing Mig Wire

    $312.00 excl GST
    $358.80 Incl GST
    34-39 Rc Machinable Hardfacing Build-Up Wire. Recommended for metal to metal wear resistance, low friction applications.

    Postalloy 2898 Hardfacing Mig Wire

    SKU: 204742
    55 - 59 Rc Great general purpose self hardening overlay wire with a good balance of both abrasion and impact resistance.

    Welding Alloys Hardface L-O, L-G

    SKU: 1759
    Hardface L (55-60 HRC) Used for hardfacing components subject to metal-to-metal wear and high abrasion. The weld deposit has good impact resistance and high hardness. The weldmetal is a medium alloy Martensitic steel. It is an economical wire with good abrasion and impact resistance. The weld deposit is just machinable with special tools.

    Welding Alloys Hardface T-O, T-G

    SKU: 1758
    - Hardface T (30-35 HRC) Used for hardfacing and rebuilding components subject to metal-to-metal wear and moderate abrasion. The weld deposit is typical of a low alloy steel and is used for heavy multi-layer build-up work. The weld deposit is machinable.

    hardfacing wire

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