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    2.0% Thoriated Tungsten Electrodes

    From $34.56 excl GST
    From $34.56 Incl GST
    2.0% Thoriated Tungsten Electrodes

    Half Facepiece Reusable Respirator -M

    $37.97 excl GST
    $43.67 Incl GST
    M6200 - 3M Welders Respirator Half Mask 6200 Series - Medium

    Binzel Series Push Pull Torch 8M

    $2,425.00 excl GST
    $2,788.75 Incl GST
    The Progrip push pull mig torch is a cutting edge design ideal for the professional aluminium welder. Available in air or water cooled. Compatible with most mig welding machines.

    Binzel PP36 Bent Neck

    SKU: 204812
    Binzel PP36 Bent Neck

    GRV12 Cooling Unit

    SKU: 204304
    GRV12 torch cooling unit for Evo Speed Star

    Corrofix™ Aqueous Aluminium Cleaner

    SKU: 203286
    Corrofix™ Aqueous Aluminium Cleaner

    COMET Rivet Cutting Nozzle, Oxy/Acet,

    SKU: 202750
    306076 - Comet Rivet Cutting Tip, Type 41, Size 15RC

    Cigweld GHA05

    $93.30 excl GST
    $107.30 Incl GST
    COMET Fitted Twin Hose, Oxy/Acet 5m

    ESAB-Sentinel Sweat Band 1Pk

    SKU: 204734
    Sweat Band 1 Pack for Esab Sentinel Helmet

    GE-Oxy/LPG Kit Harris Fab825

    SKU: 204756
    Harris Professional Oxygen/Propane (LPG) Fab Kit with 825 Regs & 10Mtr 8mm Twin Gas Hose. For Cutting, Heating & Gouging.

    Harris Adaptor GH-382AR

    $13.90 excl GST
    $15.98 Incl GST
    382AR 9/16" to 5/8" Adaptor R/H

    Harris 13906N Brazing Tip Size 6

    $17.90 excl GST
    $20.58 Incl GST
    13906N Screw In Brazing Tip, Propane, Natural Gas, Size 6

    Harris 5/8 RH Gas Nut & Tail Set 10mm

    $10.90 excl GST
    $12.54 Incl GST
    5/8 RH Gas Nut & Hose Tail. (10mm Tail, RH Nut & 18.5 Clamp)

    Harris 632Hc Compatible Gas Torch Handle - Comet

    SKU: 203526
    632HC Harris Compatible Torch Handle with Flashguards (I-43-2HC)

    Harris 821 Professional Argon Twin Flow Meter Regulator

    $312.00 excl GST
    $358.80 Incl GST
    The ultimate twin flow purge tig welding regulator - individually adjustable gas flow metres. The design of the Harris 821 with a flow meter on each side of the diaphragm, rather than in-line means altering one will not affect the other so it is far more user friendly than cheap alternatives.

    Harris 825 Professional Gas Saver Regulator

    $232.39 excl GST
    $267.25 Incl GST
    The Professional Harris 825 regulators give you extra strength, safety and large flows with excellent regulating characteristics & a 7 year warranty. These regulators are an excellent investment & will save you gas! - Ask Us How........

    Harris Adapter 9/16 UNF Female To 5/8 UNF Male

    $13.90 excl GST
    $15.98 Incl GST
    382AL 9/16" to 5/8" Adaptor L/H

    Harris HT4 Heating Tip

    SKU: 204050
    1601032 Harris HT4 Heating Tip for Powertorch Air/Fuel Torch

    Harris Pro LPG Cutting Attach

    SKU: 203527
    Harris 493F Professional LPG Cutting Attachment

    Duramax 180° Machine Torch Assembly PMX65-105 M-Torch 10.7M

    SKU: 204325
    059478 PMX65/85/105 180 Degree Machine Torch Assembly 10.7M

    Duramax 180° Machine Torch Assembly PMX65-105 M-Torch 15.2M

    SKU: 205245
    059479 PMX65/85/105 180 Degree Machine Torch Assembly 15.2M

    Circle Cutting Kit Hype 027668

    SKU: 204793
    027668 Hypertherm Deluxe Circle Cutting Kit Includes: 28cm arm, wheels, pivot pin, anchor base and plastic case

    Hypertherm 127102 Circle Cutting Kit Hype

    SKU: 204792
    127102 Hypertherm Standard Circle Cutting Kit Includes: 38cm arm, wheels and pivot pin

    Hypertherm 228890 Kit, PMX105/125 ELiminizer Filter Optional

    SKU: 202934
    228890 Eliminizer Filter for PMX105/125

    Hypertherm 428174 Duramax LT Hand Torch 15'

    SKU: 205412
    428174 Duramax LT Torch Assembly

    Hypertherm Duramax Hyamp Machine Torch Machine Torch 10.7M

    SKU: 202912
    059521 Hypertherm Machine Torch 10.7M 180??

    Kemppi Beta 90 and Delta+ 90 FreshAir Black Odour Pre-Filter 10/pack

    SKU: 204662
    Kemppi Beta 90 Filter 2pack

    Kemppi Beta 90 and Delta+ 90 FreshAir White Pre-Filter 10/pack

    SKU: 204663
    Kemppi Beta 90 Pre-Filter 10pack

    Lincoln Cover Lens 112x91mm KP2913-1

    $4.24 excl GST
    $4.88 Incl GST
    KP2913-1 - Lincoln Outside Cover Lens 112x91mm for Powercraft & Viking Helmets /Each\r\n(Sold in Pack of 5)

    LINCOLN - VIKING 1840/2450/3350 SERIES HARD HAT ADAPTER - KP3047-1

    $47.50 excl GST
    $54.62 Incl GST
    KP3047-1 Hard Hat Adaptor for Lincoln Viking 3550 helmets

    Lincoln Cover Lens 96x51.6mm KP2897-1

    $2.95 excl GST
    $3.39 Incl GST
    KP2897-1- Lincoln Inside Cover Lens 96x51.6mm for Viking 1840 Helmets

    Lincoln Electric All Purpose VIKING Sweatband - KP2930-1

    $9.85 excl GST
    $11.33 Incl GST
    KP2930-1 - Sweatband for Viking 3350 4C Series Helmets /Each\r\n(Sold in packs of 2)


    SKU: 203541
    K14109-1 - Lincoln PF-46 Air/Water Cooled Wire Feed Unit, 4-Roll Drive, 0.8mm - 1.6mm, 3 Year Warranty\r\nIncludes Drive Kit for 1.0-1.2mm Solid


    SKU: 202086
    K14107-1 - Lincoln PF-42 Air/Water Cooled Wire Feed Unit, 4-Roll Drive, 0.8mm - 1.6mm, 3 Year Warranty\r\nIncludes Drive Kit for 1.0-1.2mm Solid


    SKU: 204386
    Miller Digital Elite Welding Helmet - Black (257213)

    Clearmaxx PAPR helmet 4900.020

    $583.50 excl GST
    $671.02 Incl GST
    clearmaxx PAPR helmet (e3000) - black

    Crystal replacement cartridge5012.9

    $1,495.80 excl GST
    $1,720.17 Incl GST
    Crystal 2.0 Replacement Cartridge (SN 2/4-12 Autopilot)

    ADF Welding Helmet E684

    $819.00 excl GST
    $941.85 Incl GST
    Optrel Helmet e684 - silver

    Earth Clamp - Spring Clamp Type

    From $12.51 excl GST
    From $12.51 Incl GST
    Available in 200, 300 & 500A. Special bulk deals. Click to view full details.

    Heated Co2 Regulator

    $240.35 excl GST
    $276.40 Incl GST
    Ends your CO2 gas freeze up problems! Available in 230v or 36v (AC)
    Comes in the following options:
    Pre-heater Co2 Regulator 220V AC
    Pre-heater Co2 Regulator 36V AC
    Select preferred regulator from the drop down box below.

    Flashback Arrestors for Oxy/Fuel

    $46.90 excl GST
    $53.94 Incl GST
    Quality German made Flashback Arrestors. For Oxy/Propane (LPG) or Oxy/Acetylene gas sets. Both regulator end & torch end available.

    Available in the following options:
    Fuel (Acetylene/LPG) - Fits to Torch (200425)
    Oxygen - Fits to Torch (200426)
    Fuel (Acetylene/LPG) - Fits to Regulator (200423)
    Oxygen - Fits to Regulator (200424)
    Please select your preference from the drop down box.

    K4000 Carbon Arc Air Gouging Torch & Spare Parts

    $279.76 excl GST
    $321.72 Incl GST
    Premium Quality Carbon Arc Gouging Torch for 4mm - 16mm Carbons 1000A - Also custom fitting to your machine.

    Leather Cable Covers

    SKU: 32912
    Leather Cable Covers
    Available in the following options - please select your preference in the drop down box below.
    * Cable cover - 4m x 50mm
    * Cable Cover - 8m x 50mm

    Leather Sheath Cover

    $85.00 excl GST
    $97.75 Incl GST
    Leather Sheath Cover
    Comes in the following options, please select your preference from the drop down box below:
    100mm x 4m
    200mm x 4m
    200mm x 8m

    Leather Welding Sleeves - Prochoice - Buckle

    $41.25 excl GST
    $47.44 Incl GST
    Leather Welding Sleeves - Prochoice - Buckle

    Lincoln Electric K126-11 PRO Innershield 350A FCAW-SS Welding Gun, 15 ft

    $658.00 excl GST
    $756.70 Incl GST
    Profax 1260-15 Mig Squirt-Gun 15ft 350A with Lincoln Machine Connection for Self-Shielded (Gasless) Wires

    Inside Cover Lens Speedglas 9100V

    $25.00 excl GST
    $28.75 Incl GST
    528005 - Speedglas Inner Cover Lens to suit 9100V 5pkt

    Hinge Mechanisms Speedglas 9100 FX Pk=2

    SKU: 204257
    197144 - Speedglas Hinge Mechanism 2pk for 9100 Helmet

    Head Harness for Speedglas 9000, Speedglas 9002 & Speedglas 100

    $51.14 excl GST
    $58.81 Incl GST
    705015 Speedglas Head Harness for 100 & 9000

    Head Harness For Speedglas 9100 533000

    $55.68 excl GST
    $64.03 Incl GST
    533000 Head Harness to suit Speedglas 9100XXI Helmet

    Earmuffs Welding Series, Class 4

    SKU: 205344
    197012 Speedglas 3M Peltor H505B Earmuffs Welding Series, Class 4

    3M Speedglas 9000 Series Adflo Face Seal

    SKU: 205023
    434001 Speedglas Face Seal for Welding shield 9000 Adflo/FAC

    3M Welding Helmet 10V

    SKU: 203772
    3M 10V Auto Darkening Welding Helmet, Shade 10-11-12 Preimum Quality Made in Sweden

    Battery Charger for Lithium Ion Adflo Battery

    $226.14 excl GST
    $260.06 Incl GST
    833111 - Speedglas Charger for Li-ion battery

    Battery Lithium Ion Heavy Duty New Adflo PAPR

    SKU: 205332
    837631 - Speedglas Battery Li-Ion Heavy Duty to suit Adflo Unit

    Battery Lithium Ion Standard New Adflo PAPR

    $278.41 excl GST
    $320.17 Incl GST
    837630 - Speedglas Battery Li-Ion to suit Adflo Unit

    Belt Adflo PAPR

    SKU: 205079
    835000 Speedglas Adflo Belt

    Cigweld GHA20

    $191.90 excl GST
    $220.68 Incl GST
    Twin Hose Assembly - 20m

    Circle Cutting Guide 51801

    SKU: 51801
    P70 Cutting Guide

    Crocodile Earth ClampA200EC

    SKU: A200EC
    200A Earth clamp

    CO2 Cylinder to Argon Regulator Adaptor GADCO2

    $32.90 excl GST
    $37.84 Incl GST
    CO2 Cylinder to Argon Regulator Adaptor, F/M to F/M, inc. nylon washer.

    Compact Welding Trolley 17384

    $373.00 excl GST
    $428.95 Incl GST
    Strata Compact Welding Machine Trolley

    400V Water Cooler

    $1,612.50 excl GST
    $1,854.38 Incl GST
    Strata Water Cooler Unit 400V with Connection Cable

    Adaptor Hub Kit 16721

    SKU: 16721
    Minispool Adapter from 5/15kg Hub

    Adaptor MTA4081

    $15.80 excl GST
    $18.17 Incl GST
    Tip Adapter Suits MT501 (2pk)


    $70.60 excl GST
    $81.19 Incl GST
    Earth Lead 25mm2 cable, 35-70mm plug, 3m 300A Heavy duty earth clamp

    240V Water Cooler

    $1,256.60 excl GST
    $1,445.09 Incl GST
    Strata 230V Water Cooler V2

    Air Cooled 17371

    $395.00 excl GST
    $454.25 Incl GST
    Pro-Grip 26 Torch X 25Ft, Tgc End (Large Dinse) M12, 10K Pot And 12 Pin Remote Plug

    Air Cooled 17374

    $319.00 excl GST
    $366.85 Incl GST
    TIG Torch Pro-Grip 26 X 25Ft, Tgc End (Large Dinse) M12, 9 Pin Plug


    $391.30 excl GST
    $450.00 Incl GST
    1000A Gouging Torch


    SKU: ALS1625
    MMA Lead Set 200A 2+3m 3/8" Dinse Connector


    $149.60 excl GST
    $172.04 Incl GST
    MMA Lead Set 300A 3m earth + 4m arc, 1/2" Dinse Connectors

    Angled Plug PDL16

    $76.00 excl GST
    $87.40 Incl GST
    Plug 4 pin 16A 500V angled

    Argon Cylinder to CO2 Regulator Adaptor M/M

    $28.90 excl GST
    $33.24 Incl GST
    Argon Cylinder to CO2 Regulator Adaptor M/M

    Arrow Welding Magnet WMG05

    SKU: WMG05
    Welding Magnet - 5"


    $15.90 excl GST
    $18.28 Incl GST
    Mig welding pliers

    Earth ClampS500EC

    $23.60 excl GST
    $27.14 Incl GST
    Strata 500a Earth Clamp

    Electrode Holder S400EH

    SKU: S400EH
    400A Screw Type Electrode holder

    Flame Resistant Conveyor Belts W7000-2

    $93.70 excl GST
    $107.76 Incl GST
    Flame Retardant Belt For DW7000XL Filtration Unit

    Flashback arrest GFA101

    $48.80 excl GST
    $56.12 Incl GST
    Flashback Arrestor - Oxygen (Regulator)

    Flashback arrest GFA201

    $46.90 excl GST
    $53.94 Incl GST
    Flashback arrestor - Oxygen (Torch)

    Flashback Arrestor GFA100

    $48.80 excl GST
    $56.12 Incl GST
    Flashback Arrestor - Acet/LPG (Regulator)

    Flashback arrestor GFA200

    $46.90 excl GST
    $53.94 Incl GST
    Flashback arrestor - Acet/LPG (Torch)

    Disposable Bottle Regulator GR101DSP

    $49.00 excl GST
    $56.35 Incl GST
    Disposable Bottle Regulator

    Disposable Gas Bottle GASCO2-01D

    $57.70 excl GST
    $66.36 Incl GST
    Disposable CO2 Bottle 1L

    Cutting Guide 51807

    $79.00 excl GST
    $90.85 Incl GST
    P150 Cutting Guide

    Cutting Kit 51849

    $208.20 excl GST
    $239.43 Incl GST
    P70 Circle Cutting Kit

    Gas Goggles / Plasma Cutting Goggles

    $13.10 excl GST
    $15.06 Incl GST
    Click to open & view all types available. All fitted with Shade 5 Lenses.

    Gas Welding Goggle GG205

    $19.60 excl GST
    $22.54 Incl GST
    Gas welding goggles - flip front

    GMI101 Gas Mixer

    $36.00 excl GST
    $41.40 Incl GST
    Torch mixer

    GNTRH Nut and Tail

    $5.30 excl GST
    $6.10 Incl GST
    8mm Hose tail + nut - RH 5/8UNF


    $160.00 excl GST
    $184.00 Incl GST
    Argon Gas Regulator c/w Flow Meter


    $209.00 excl GST
    $240.35 Incl GST
    CO² Gas Regulator Heated 230 Volt

    Hose Twin Assembly G8941

    $19.60 excl GST
    $22.54 Incl GST
    Combination spanner

    Industrial Welding Trolley22108

    $627.80 excl GST
    $721.97 Incl GST
    Strata Industrial Welding Machine Trolley V2

    Lighter GTFL8911

    $7.95 excl GST
    $9.14 Incl GST
    Triple flint lighter

    Cutmaster Torch SL100 20ft

    SKU: 204930
    7-5206 - SL100 Thermal Dynamics Torch and Lead, 75 Degree Head, 20ft Lead, ATC Connection.


    $20.62 excl GST
    $23.71 Incl GST
    Flip front helmet

    DW2000 - Auto Darkening Helmet, Shade 9-13

    SKU: DW2000
    Auto Darkening Helmet Shade 9-13 DW2000

    Disposable Gas Bottle Regulator

    $45.00 excl GST
    $51.75 Incl GST
    Special regulator to suit disposable Argon & CO2/Argon Mix bottles

    welding parts and accessories

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