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    Lincoln Powercraft 130 ARC Welder

    SKU: 1239
    The Lincoln PowerCraft 130amp inverter's are the ideal choice for on site maintenance & small repairs as they are fitted with a 10Amp mains power pulg. They can be used on sites with standard 10Amp power outlets & will run off a 4.5Kw or larger generator.

    Lincoln Powercraft 161 ARC Welder

    $549.00 excl GST
    $631.35 Incl GST
    Lincoln PowerCraft 161 Inverter Arc Welder 160A. Includes 3M Arc/Earth Leads

    Lincoln Powercraft 180i MIG Welder

    SKU: 1254
    PowerCRAFT 180i inverter is a 3 in 1 ARC, Tig, Mig machine, intended to be used for light to medium duty welding applications. The ideal choice for contractors, maintenance/repair, rural and serious DYI.

    Lincoln Powercraft 181 ARC Welder

    SKU: 202128
    Lincoln PowerCraft 181 Inverter Arc Welder 180A. Includes 3M Arc/Earth Leads

    Lincoln Powercraft 210 & 250 Inverter Mig Welders

    SKU: 203387
    These new models from Lincoln are the perfect solution for anyone who has become confused with all the options available online and just wants to get a great deal on a reliable welder. The PowerCRAFT multi-function inverters cover a wide range of applications and you know you have made a safe decision when you invest in a trusted brand like LINCOLN which is backed up by a reputable company like Proline.

    Lincoln Powercraft Auto Darkening Welding Helmet Snakecharmer

    SKU: 203363
    PowerCraft Snake Charmer Automatic Welding Helmet 9-13

    Powercraft 131 Arc Welder

    SKU: 201381
    Lincoln PowerCraft 131 Inverter Arc Welder 130A. Includes 3M Arc/Earth Leads, 10A Power Plug.

    Powercraft 190C Multi-Process

    SKU: 203958
    Lincoln Powercraft 190C Multiu-Process Inverter Welder. Includes MB15-3E Torch, Arc/Earth Leads & Argon Regulator

    Powercraft 205 DC Tig Welder

    SKU: 203655
    Lincoln Powercraft Tig 205 DC Inverter Welder. Includes WP26-4M Tig Torch, Arc/Earth Leads & Argon Regulator

    Powercraft 250C Multi-Process

    SKU: 203388
    Lincoln Powercraft 250C Inverter Mig/Tig/Arc welder. Ready-To-Weld Package including MB24-4E Mig Torch, Arc/Earth Leads & Argon Regulator

    Powercraft TIG 200 DC

    SKU: 1719
    Lincoln Powercraft TIG 200 DC

    Powercraft TIG 201 AC/DC

    SKU: 202389
    Lincoln Powercraft TIG 201 AC/DC


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